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Are We Nearly Here Yet?

You, the universe, evolution, history and all

Mentored by Richard RobinsonMentor summary: Director of the Brighton Science Festival
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Brighton Science
Location address: Online, ZO00OM
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For ages: 7 - 18+ years

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awnhy £13.82
Next date: Sunday 4th Jun,


The true story of the nutty Universe, crazy planet Earth, chaotic evolution and lucky old You! In six Zoom sessions, lasting one hour, 9.30 - 10.30 on Sundays June 4th - July 9th "Are we nearly there yet?" is what children say towards the end of a long journey. We have been on a very long journey - 14 billion years - and there have been many adventures. We'll hear the best of them in 6 Zoom presentations, each Sunday between June 4th and July 9th. Richard tells the story, chapter by chapter, on Powerpoint. Then there will be Q&A, games, chats and experiments, based around the week's main themes. The full story (12 chapters) is all about you - your appearance as a hydrogen atom in the Big Bang, and your adventures through exploding stars, under-water volcanoes, evolution, bacteria, worms, dinosaurs, apes, humans, parents, neighbours, wars, floods, famines and earthquakes until the marvel that is YOU emerged just a few years ago. (Summaries below) Ticket prices drop each week dependi...

Richard Robinson·Director of the Brighton Science Festival
Science is amazing, though dealing with the lingo is frustrating - a constant barrier between us and the amazement waiting out there for us. My mission is to share the excitement, but simplify the language so we can all do it. I've written 20 books about science, mostly for 7-11 year-olds. Over the past 15 years I have continued to encourage scientific thinking via the Brighton Science Festival, and the Pocket Science Funfair. There's plenty to do: we need to understand a lot of things, from the huge to the tiny (think climate change and viruses). Let's keep on trying.

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Understanding the past should help us cope with the present and prepare for the future

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Ticket: awnhy £13.82

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