Are We Nearly Here Yet?

Science, Evolution and the history of you.

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Richard Robinson

The science of Evolution and the evolution of Science

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The true story of the nutty Universe, crazy planet Earth, chaotic evolution and lucky old You! In six Zoom sessions, lasting one hour, 9.30 - 10.30 on Sundays January 7 - February 11 "Are we nearly there yet?" is what children say towards the end of a long journey. We have been on a very long journey - 14 billion years - and there have been many adventures. We'll hear the best of them in 6 Zoom presentations, each Sunday between October 29th and December 3rd. Richard tells the story, chapter by chapter, on Powerpoint. Then there will be Q&A, games, chats and experiments, based around the week's main themes. The full story (12 chapters) is all about you - your appearance as a hydrogen atom in the Big Bang, and your adventures through exploding stars, under-water volcanoes, evolution, bacteria, worms, dinosaurs, apes, humans, parents, neighbours, wars, floods, famines and earthquakes until the marvel that is YOU emerged just a few years ago. (Summaries below) Ticket prices drop each week depending on how many chapters are left to see. It works out at about £2.30 per week per screen (not per people watching). You will get your ZOOM instructions each week. Age 7- 18+. This is a family event, and at least one adult is expected to be present - they have an important role to play in explaining things to the child, and especially in asking questions. (The questions are the best bit!)**NOTE*** Only purchase 1 ticket per family. Purchase the ticket in the name of one attending child. All family members can participate for the cost of 1 ticket. Originally £13.78, the ticket price drops each week, pro rata, so you only pay for the weeks that remain. Check it each week! Catch-up videos are available to all participants. If you haven't received your 'ticket' (Zoom link) by the day before, please check junk folder before contacting Richard. Tickets sales will finish one hour before the sessions. --------------------------------------------------------------- Follow on ................................................................................................................................................................... Full summary of each week's event: Sunday Jan 7th, 9.30 - 10.30 Chapter one: YOU, THE BIG BANG AND OTHER DISASTERS The narrative flies through 10 billion years of stars growing and exploding, with you in the middle of them all, until you end up, dazed and exhausted, on a giant rock which is too small to become a star (good - nice and safe) spinning round a star which is too small to explode (even safer). The rock is Earth and the star is the Sun. (Today's theme: how gravity made the Universe) Chapter two : LIFE Early Earth is almost molten. You are on an erupting volcano, two miles under water. This is the perfect place to make life: it's so crazy and chaotic. And so is the thing you become: DNA. You become the first cell; the mother of all cells on the planet animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and everything. Scientists call you the Last Universal Common Ancestor  LUCA    (Todays theme: chaos and life) Sunday January 14th, 9.30 - 10.30 Chapter three: EVOLUTION You are constantly breaking and re-building your DNA (thats life), but you are pretty chaotic in the way you rebuild, so your copies tend to be different. Thats evolution. You evolve the power of movement: you are Flagellate. (Todays theme: chaos and evolution) Chapter four: COMPETITION You and your family of flagellates team up with a sheet of cells and together you become the next big thing: multicellular life. The sheet rolls into a tube; your flagella become oars on the outside and villi on the inside. You are now an eating machine. Your new name is Worm. (Todays theme: how teams form) Sunday January 21st, 9.30 - 10.30 Chapter five: COOPERATION   This is a break from the story: the tale of the Portuguese man'o'war, the missing link between single-celled creatures and the complex life forms we see today. (Todays theme: natural selection) Chapter six: BECOMING THE BEST   Another explosion: the Cambrian Explosion - an explosion of life. You evolve to become Fish. Everyone else evolves a great need to eat you. As you try to escape them you stare wistfully at the empty land at the edge of the ocean, and wonder... (Todays theme: competition) Sunday January 28th, 9.30 - 10.30 Chapter seven: LIFE ON LAND    Evolving into a land animal is perhaps the most monumental task, but soon you have four sturdy legs. In no time you are once more on the menu, this time a dinosaur menu. More evolution turns you into Mammal, so you can be awake during the cold nights, while the dinosaurs are asleep. (Todays theme: intelligence) Chapter eight: HOW TO MAKE A HUMAN       Your clever mammalian brain is your secret weapon. Teaming up with other mammals, you combine brains to be come a super-organism: a herd or tribe.  Soon you are Human, ready for adventures. (Todays theme: family and empathy) Sunday February 4th, 9.30 - 10.30 Chapter nine: ALL AROUND THE WORLD    In just 100,000 years you spread from a corner of Africa to everywhere, coping with all the different climates and conditions by a mixture of evolution and invention. Then you invent farming: another explosion, this time a foodie explosion of your own making. And the rest is history, up to the present day. (Todays theme: creativity) Chapter ten – HIGH SOCIETY Your tribe grows. Through 'social evolution' it becomes a society. As it expands it meets neighbouring societies. Through conflict and cooperation it becomes a nation. Sunday February 11th, 9.30 - 10.30 Chapter eleven – YOU AND THEM You contain two different Yous: your parent's You - a mixture of their shuffled DNA - and the You that was installed in you by society (including your parents): language, clothing, beliefs, biases. Those two are not exactly the same, so sometimes there are arguments. This is good; it's how 'social evolution' works. Chapter twelve – ALL YOUR ODDITIES Your history is written all through you, from the monkey tail at the bottom of your spine, to the flagellum which every cell still retains. Here you will find an answer for all your oddities – yawning, goose bumps, cancer, viruses, ear waggling, sleep falling, hiccups, etc. Note: Throughout, we dip into quite a lot of curriculum areas - all the 'ologies' - cosmology, geology, biology, zoology, palaeontology, anthropology, archaeology, technology, ecology, sociology, psychology… For those with an allergy to 'ology', I share your pathology! I have learned all that science stuff, but I speak in plain English, nice and clear. You will find, I hope, that complicated ideas can be explained in simple ways. ...................................................................................................................................................................
About your mentor
Richard Robinson
The science of Evolution and the evolution of Science
Science is amazing, though dealing with the lingo is frustrating - a constant barrier between us and the amazement waiting out there for us. My mission is to share the excitement, but simplify the language so we can all do it. I've written 20 books about science, mostly for 7-11 year-olds. Over the past 15 years I have continued to encourage scientific thinking via the Brighton Science Festival, and the Pocket Science Funfair. There's plenty to do: we need to understand a lot of things, from the huge to the tiny (think climate change and viruses). Let's keep on trying.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Understanding the past should help us cope with the present and prepare for the future
Aim 3
Learning about mirror neurons, empathy and cooperation will help you realise (in both senses) your potential.
Aim 5
You will have a timeline for all of the Universe's history, on which to peg subsequent learning
Aim 2
Knowing the way the Earth came to be the way it is will help us respect it.
Aim 4
You will learn how 'to change what you can change; to accept what you cannot change; and how to tell them apart'.
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