A long life of learning

A new way of learning

Learn by Experience

Open up your knowledge of the world by being there.

Learn from Mentors

Find people in the local community who want to help you grow.

Learn for Life

Develop the tools you need to meet the tests of the future.

Choose real life experiences that nurture the widest range of human potential
Eequ makes it easy for you to design your education
A village in your pocketFind all the inspiring mentors in one place. Pick and choose what you want to learn.
A gift of timePlan, browse, book, message, share, review and pay with one easy tool.
Keep a record for lifeEequ keeps a lifelong record of your learning for whatever your future journey holds.

What would you teach if there were no rules?

Create your own webpage on Eequ, and let us promote your class, workshop or new idea to hundreds of eager learners in your community.