Eequ · After school. In place of school. Beyond school.

After school.
In place of school.
Beyond school.

Eequ helps you find remarkable in-person courses, schools, projects and mentors for every stage of your learning journey.
In-person learning

Find mentors in your community

We help you discover and connect to people in your community that want to share their knowledge, skills or life experiences.


Learn for life

Find and tailor your in-person education

After school

Nurture a special interest or talent by finding extra-curricular mentors to expand or support the school experience. Take time away from the screen for essential in-person learning in small groups.

In place of school

Design your own education to align with your family values and child’s learning needs. Unite with others to home educate, flexi school or unschool. Explore alternative education inspired by Waldorf, Montessori and nature based outdoor learning.

Beyond school

Discover and co-create in-person workshops, courses and apprenticeships for adult education. Explore a community of mentors as an alternative to college, university, or to explore a change of career.
Our vision

Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning

Spend time with Mentors who use their gifts to support themselves and create value in the world. This is the greatest form of education.
A real education will guide you to a place at the centre of four enduring questions.
  • What do I love?
  • What am I good at?
  • What can I be paid for?
  • What does the world need?

Eequ helps you

  • Know exactly who your teacher will be and what they believe in.
  • Organise a group and keep the price affordable for everyone.
  • Save precious time with bookings, messages and schedules.
Share your knowledge

Could you be an Eequ mentor?

  • Develop life long friendships
  • Earn an income sharing what you love
  • Create a schedule to suit you
  • Test your ideas

A long life of learning