New updates and improvements to Eequ.

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Registration Record updates

New Council setting to enforce essential data fields when Mentors create a new HAF Registration Record. Introduce a new principle for HAF Registration Records and HAF Bespoke Invoices so that they are processed through the normal eligibility checking. These changes will increase the accuracy of the DfE reports and ensure funding is distributed fairly to eligible children.

Features & Improvements

  • Improved emails for bespoke booking emails to bookers
  • Enhanced accessibility of Tabs component
  • Fixed performance issues for some users on data exports
  • Fix the issue when the Age group change was not applied to the listing
  • Fixed an issue when the Council Learners page not loading
  • Enable Mentors to fetch cancellations efficiently, even for blocks with numerous sessions
  • Update the text in the Cancellation modal for better clarity
  • Modify the notification message for Mentors attempting to add block tickets after the block has started

Provide Hyperlinks on messages

You can now include hyperlinks in your messages. This feature enriches communication on our platform, allowing you to share links seamlessly within your conversations.

Features & Improvements

  • Improved Dates page labels for better clarity
  • Address issues where some duplicate cards are displayed in Schedule page
  • Updated listing settings explainers for clarity
  • Improved SEND category classification for better report accuracy

Onboarding Flow

We are pleased to introduce our new Onboarding Flow feature, which is designed to simplify and streamline the process of becoming a mentor. This enhancement guides new mentors through a step-by-step process, enabling them to complete their listing details at their own pace.

Our Onboarding Flow breaks down the setup into manageable chunks, ensuring mentors can provide all the necessary information without feeling overwhelmed. This structured approach simplifies the setup process and helps mentors create comprehensive and appealing listings that stand out to potential bookers.

New mentors will find this guided experience easy to navigate, from crafting their bio to setting their availability.

You can check out the new Onboarding Flow on our Onboarding page.

New Features & Improvements

  • Allow mentors to control whether tickets are visible on public listing pages
  • Redesign the button UI on the Bank Account page for a better user experience
  • Change the Mentor's available times to only include free bookings
  • Allow Mentors to edit start/end times of Block Visibility after a booking is made
  • Introduce a 'Booking Questions' section in the council's HAF dashboard for easy access
  • Fix Contact Us link in the website footer
  • Fix the issue of Mentor Reflections displaying incorrect avatars and names
  • Accessibility improvements for Organisation Iframe
  • Enable Mentors to add Listings to the Org page even when results exceed 6
  • Shorten the duration of the payment processing symbol
  • Use the Mentor's professional name in Sendgrid Template for cancellation notifications
  • Make a message of explanation mandatory for Mentors when they decline a booking
  • Enhance the Message Page input interface
  • Resolve issues preventing the deletion of some Listings
  • Improve website routes for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Align notifications on the Checkout flow, and Attendees page when a new profile is created
  • Update the 'Next' button in the Checkout flow to the primary button style
  • Make Booker contact details clickable in the drawer for ease of communication
  • Fix the error when exporting the list of participating schools
  • Refactor the process of creating bespoke bookings for efficiency
  • Improve Mobile UI for Bookers trying to cancel a pending booking
  • Enhance response time for the Consolidated Booking Page endpoint

Integrate Microsoft Authentication method

We now offer Microsoft Authentication in addition to Google and Facebook. Now, you can conveniently sign in using your Microsoft account. Whether it's your personal, work, or school account, our platform seamlessly syncs with Microsoft's secure authentication system. This means less time spent remembering passwords and greater security for you and your staff.

New Features & Improvements

Now you can Schedule when you want to start and stop accepting bookings for any block of dates. This new feature is called ‘Schedule Block Visibility’ and is particularly useful for groups of collaborators that want to ‘go live’ for bookings on a common date. This will be used by HAF teams who want to ensure all parents have a fair opportunity to apply for places at the same time.

  • Develop an export feature for Mentors that reports on cancellations, late cancellations and attendance by learner
  • Show cancellation message in booking drawer for Mentors, Bookers and Councils
  • Standardise date format (to DD/MM/YYYY) across all devices
  • Enable removal of tickets for published listings
  • Allow Mentors to delete Registered Interest entries
  • Fix Safari UI issues with missing images
  • Display a special badge for mentors' private listings on Organisation pages
  • Display a new page for Mentors of reflections they have received from Bookers

Mentor Analytics

We're excited to unveil Mentor Analytics, a dynamic new feature designed to empower our mentors with valuable insights!

This page is divided into four sections: Revenue, Debts, Childcare, and Engagement.


See at a glance how much you've earned from your bookings. This section displays your total earnings, including the amount you've received and the amount you're yet to receive.

The page also distinguishes between Card Payments and Childcare Vouchers, so you can easily track your earnings from each source.


Never miss a payment again. Unpaid bespoke invoices are clearly displayed, along with outstanding refunds.


Gross childcare bookings, confirmed and unconfirmed payments are grouped together for easy reference.

You can even track reconciled and unreconciled payments, so you know exactly where you stand.


Track your bookings and attendance to see how engaged your learners are.

Some bonus stats like Spend per customer & Age distribution are also included.

Discover a new dimension of your mentoring journey by diving into Mentor Analytics today.

Add Intercom code to Eequ so we can support our community securely with Intercom messenger etc

New Features & Improvements

  • Enhance Mentor collaboration by adding a personal invite message option to SendGrid emails
  • Introduce a loading state for the booking status update action for better user feedback
  • Develop endpoints for the Debts page on the Mentor Dashboard
  • Upgrade the 'Search by attendee' component for improved functionality
  • Make unpublished listings visible in the Schedule Download option
  • Empower Mentors with the ability to VOID registration records
  • Remove arrows from the group size selection modal for a cleaner interface
  • Label unpublished listings as (Unpublished) in the Bespoke Invoice Listings dropdown
  • Prevent display of the cancel icon on the booking page for past dates
  • Address the issue with the refund pending filter on the Booker Bookings page
  • Enhance hover text on the new tile in the Engagement Tab on Council Metrics for clearer information
  • Address the attendee search issue and fix the broken UI on the Schedule page
  • Ensure the waiting list is visible to bookers
  • Develop an endpoint for the Childcare page on the Mentor Dashboard
  • Add a HAF landing page link to the website's footer for easy access
  • Modify the Search page to randomise results effectively
  • Remove Coronavirus safety measures from all Public Listing pages
  • Prevent the creation of blank reviews to maintain quality feedback
  • Verify and ensure the email link from the booking email redirects correctly
  • Upgrade Eligibility list upload to filter out duplicate entries
  • Standardise date format for Eligibility CSV upload for consistency
  • Change the link on the Mentor's Reflections page to the updated destination
  • Provide a detailed breakdown for HAF Metrics for better analysis and understanding

Remove unwanted profiles

If you have created a profile in error, you can now archive it.

Features & Improvements

  • Eliminate up/down arrows in the Edit Group Size modal and drawer for a cleaner interface
  • Add text buttons to the Listing Tab in the Create/Edit Listing section for easier navigation
  • Resolve the issue on the Council Providers page where data only appears after tab switching
  • Fix the refresh problem where users see 'hours' despite having selected 'sessions'
  • Develop a HAF Engagement tile based on the Council Eligibility list for better tracking
  • Modify the export feature to display sessions and hours side by side for clearer comparison
  • Very slow update to Group Size after mentor removes ticket limit
  • Mark Registration Record as attended is not working

Import UPIN and merge with Learners table

Features & Improvements

  • Display waiting list numbers on Council Listing Page Drawer
  • Include full date of birth (DOB) in the simple Register download
  • Resolve a bug affecting download register
  • Utilise Address Line 1 in the session tile for both Mentor and Booker
  • Modify text on the Engagement tab within the Metrics section
  • Address the issue with CRON not executing for DfE Metrics
  • Resolve error occurring when MAP is opened on the Organisation Page
  • Ensure the Waiting List deactivates when toggled off
  • Remove the 'Coronavirus' option from the Safety section in Edit Listing
  • Make text adjustments for the Admin access feature
  • Add email and emergency contact telephone number fields for Registration Records
  • Display abbreviated day of the week in the Booking drawer for better understanding
  • Ensure Booking notes are shown on the Register and in the Schedule Export

Admin Access: Grant access to your account

Now, you can effortlessly share the reins of your account with trusted individuals, giving them the power to manage your listings, bookings, and more. Whether you're a busy mentor who needs an extra hand or a team leader looking to delegate tasks, this feature offers the flexibility you need.

Switching between accounts is as simple as selecting a profile or using the menu shortcut, keeping you in control at all times. To grant access, just ensure your chosen admin has an Eequ account, and you're all set to share the load.

Rest assured, the power to add more admins remains exclusively yours.

Head over to the Admin Access page to get started.

Cache DfE metrics based on council activity periods

Features & Improvements

  • Enable searching by attendee name on the Booking Page for easier access
  • Introduce a HAF badge on listings within the 'My Listing' page for clear identification
  • Implement a popover feature that displays the full question on hover in the Question Bank
  • Display the professional name of the Mentor in the booking drawer for better recognition
  • Provide a clearer explanation to Mentors regarding the default calculation of places left

Add Checkout Questions Tab to Edit Listing

We have added a Checkout Questions Tab to the Edit Listing section on our platform. This feature allows Mentors to preview the questionnaire step as it will appear in the checkout flow. Toggle between different tickets to see any different questions. This tab makes it easier for Mentors to review their listings before they publish them.

Features & Improvements

  • Enhance functionality of the 'Take Register' button for ease of use
  • Implement popovers for different booker count categories for better clarity
  • Update icons for 'Approval needed' and 'Register interest' for clearer representation
  • Create a direct link to the booking page's 'Approval needed' filter tab for quick access
  • Modify the 'Contact Mentor' button on mobile to link to Skype/Facetime
  • Rearrange booker count order to: Group size, Approval needed, Waiting list, Register interest
  • Increase padding around the Time icon for better visibility of session time
  • Ensure cursor changes to a pointer on 'Book Again' for better user interface
  • Add 'CLOSE' text to the top right-hand side of the Full Details drawer for clarity
  • Introduce hover action for Drawer text button for enhanced user interaction
  • Develop a User Access Control List for improved security and access management
  • Display sessions with pending payments in the Schedule Page for better tracking
  • Adjust calculations to only count Free HAF places in Listing Page Listing Data for accuracy

Automatically save the register

Features & Improvements

  • Fixed the Profile Page update to accurately reflect the user's Professional Name
  • Ensured users are required to have an email address before proceeding with bookings for verification purposes
  • Updated the Schedule page to accurately display full event details for better event tracking
  • Resolved performance issues during the extra questions step to streamline the booking process
  • Optimised the Booking page for a smoother mobile user experience
  • Implemented a process for handling the deletion of Mentor profiles to maintain data integrity and data privacy
  • Refined the Button bar interface to streamline the 'Save Profile' process
  • Addressed glitches on the mobile booking page to ensure seamless user interaction
  • Improved the 'Save profile' button functionality and clarified error messages for better user guidance
  • Introduced system messages to alert users of unsaved changes to prevent data loss
  • Made tweaks to the Profile page for an improved user interface and experience
  • Corrected the error that required 'Attendances' to be inputted as an array for consistency in data entry

Profiles redesign

Features & Improvements

  • Keep events listed under Upcoming Dates until the day is over for clarity
  • Display HAF Eligibility Export Questions with three separate checkboxes for better selection
  • Introduce a Brochure Request Form for easier access to marketing materials
  • Auto-hide the child attendee option for listings categorized as Adult-only for appropriate audience targeting
  • Develop a user-friendly HAF Council Landing Page for centralized information
  • Speed up the profile updating process and ensure child profiles save correctly
  • Include Mentor's attendee questions in the Schedule Export for complete event details
  • Incorporate a field to add a Mentor's contact phone number for better communication
  • Correct typo in the error message on the Mentor form for professionalism
  • Adjust the font size for account types for better readability
  • Fix the typo in Organisation photos descriptions for accuracy
  • Standardize input label font sizes across the platform for visual consistency
  • Add a 'Create Profile' button for easier navigation and profile creation
  • Update the text associated with child profile photos for clearer instructions
  • Resolve the issue causing a 404 error when users scroll down past learning aims in listings

HAF Landing Pages

We are thrilled to introduce our latest development: brand new, specialised landing pages for HAF Providers and HAF Councils. These dedicated pages are tailored to showcase the unique offerings and information relevant to each group, enhancing their visibility and accessibility.

With these distinct, user-friendly landing pages, we're bridging the gap between HAF Providers, Councils, and the community, fostering a more connected and informed experience.

To learn more about our HAF solution, you can visit now our HAF Providers and HAF Councils pages.

Checkout flow: Attendees Redesign

We are pleased to announce a major redesign of the Attendees Step in our checkout process. The update aims to simplify the process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly for anyone making a booking.

The redesigned step ensures a smoother, more efficient experience, improving your journey from browsing to attending events.

Delete or Archive listings

Our platform now offers a new flexibility feature that allows you to delete or archive your listings. This enhancement helps keep your dashboard clean and organised, aligning with your current needs.

You can choose to permanently remove listings or archive them for future reference, adapting your space to suit your evolving journey.

Randomise listings on the search page

We have diversified the search results on our updated search page. This departure from the previous arrangement based on upcoming dates provides a fresh perspective on your search experience.

The new search page ensures new discoveries and opportunities when searching for your next experience.

Features & Improvements

  • Enable display of Organisation name when hovering over relevant elements
  • Resolve the issue preventing the Portfolio from loading
  • Improve the accuracy of the cancellation details for Councils
  • Include Booker's Answers in the Schedule Export for comprehensive data
  • Allow collaborators to select a hidden dates on Bespoke Invoice

Features & Improvements

  • Implement handling of Business type during Bank Details setup for mentors
  • Notify mentors when their bank details are overdue for verification
  • Refactor Session Size calculations to reflect recent changes
  • Develop and adapt tests to ensure functionality and reliability
  • Manage the display and functionality of remaining places in sessions
  • UI improvements for session group size
  • Prepare and provide documentation for Session Group Size feature
  • Improve the UI of the Dates tab to resolve jumbled display in the Drawer
  • Display ticket availability for Bookers for Session tickets
  • Resolved a performance issue with exporting councils learners
  • Ensure listings appear in the schedule as expected
  • Address the issue causing Portfolio Checkout to fail
  • Show Sold Out label for tickets in Dates page
  • Redirect bookers to the Schedule page post-booking for better navigation
  • Update ticket availability logic to include Adult HAF tickets

Cyber Essentials certificate

We're proud to announce that our platform has achieved Cyber Essentials certification, a significant milestone in our commitment to cybersecurity. This certification is a testament to our dedication to protecting user data and maintaining robust cyber defences. By meeting the rigorous standards set by Cyber Essentials, we ensure that our platform is equipped to protect against a wide range of cyber threats.

The Cyber Essentials certification also reinforces our promise to provide a secure and reliable service to all our users. You can now enjoy even greater peace of mind knowing that your interactions and data on our platform are thoroughly protected.

We're constantly striving to improve our security measures, and this certification is just one step in our ongoing journey towards cyber resilience.

Filter out system messages in chat

Features & Improvements

  • Fixed a download bug in Schedule export
  • Resolved the issue with date of birth input/calendar on Registration Record
  • My Listings page has been enhanced for improved usability
  • Added a loading state to prevent confusion during Listing Data export for councils
  • Schedule Page has been updated to display ticket or block limit instead of listing group size
  • Updated Eligibility CSV export to dynamically include categories
  • Performance improvements for Experience Page

Provide sort order for tickets

We're happy to announce a new feature on our platform: the ability to sort tickets! This enhancement allows you to organise your tickets by various criteria, ensuring that you can manage and prioritise them more efficiently.

Enjoy a smoother, more personalised ticket handling experience with this latest update!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved problem where the booking drawer failed to open for some users
  • Enhanced the performance of the Booking Page by refactoring
  • Added mentor notifications for available places when booking is restricted
  • Eliminated the navbar from the Organisation Iframe to present a cleaner interface
  • Updated the Waiting List to display the ticket or block limit instead of the Global listing size
  • Attendee display issues in the schedule were corrected
  • Enhancement of the booking status performance
  • Resolved an issue with Stripe on Instant Bookings

Allow Council Mentors to publish listings without bank details

We've now updated our platform to allow you to publish listings without the need for bank details.

This update streamlines the process, making it quicker and more hassle-free for HAF Mentors to onboard on Eequ.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved performance of the Council Booking page
  • Implemented sorting options for learner columns for easier data management
  • Added date range functionality and Most Hours sorting to the Learners page
  • Introduced a new Learner mode view, grouped by sessions/hours for better insight
  • Corrected an issue where childcare payment was incorrectly sent for eligibility check
  • The eligibility list validation issue has been resolved
  • The checkout flow UI has been updated to ensure smoother transactions
  • Council CSV uploads can now replace all previous data for accuracy
  • Fixed recurring email notifications to mentors and staff
  • Validation error messages have been improved

Council Learners

We are happy to announce the new Council Learners page to the council HAF dashboard. This feature enables Councils to access information about their learners, including their eligibility status and booked sessions.

Additionally, councils can export their learner data to a CSV file, simplifying the management of their learners' information.

Fixes & Improvements

  • The UI bug affecting the Registration record in Safari has been resolved
  • Intercom has been integrated on our site to enhance user information visibility
  • Private Listings are no longer displayed on the Organisation map page
  • All Mentor's custom questions and answers are now displayed in registration notes
  • The registration record and bespoke invoice now include the block name
  • Enable the council to export HAF data for listings
  • Fixed an issue with organisations being unavailable from the API
  • Organisation members can now manually sort listings
  • Bookers' questions and answers are now visible in the council's consolidated booking page drawer
  • Improved the booking type for easier classification
  • Investigated and addressed an anomaly in the eligibility checker for Brighton & Hove
  • Addressed the malfunction in the waiting list feature

New Features & Improvements

We have taken your feedback into account and have made the necessary changes to improve the ease of use, efficiency and overall enjoyment of our platform.

  • Fixed toggle visibility for tickets after block start
  • Fixed issue with ticket availability
  • Added tooltip explanation for the 'Export participating schools' feature
  • Resolved an issue preventing the opening of Map View for the Organisation
  • Corrected the display of ticket prices in the Booking Drawer
  • The phone number of the mentor has been added to HAF emails
  • The HAF eligibility check has been improved to handle spaces and hyphens
  • The UI of the mentor's dates has been updated
  • The Bespoke Invoice page has been optimised for faster performance
  • A bug has been resolved when the Waiting List was unavailable
  • The default dates in the HAF Dashboard calendar have been set to summer provision
  • Padding on Organisation pages has been improved for better layout
  • The issue of certain experiences not loading dates has been resolved
  • Childcare bookings have been excluded from the eligibility checking process.

Advanced Ticket Settings

Starting today, mentor can manage their bookings even more efficiently using the advanced ticket settings. This allows setting a custom size limit, providing better flexibility and control during the booking process.

The advanced ticket settings can be found on the Listings page, under the Tickets tab.

As a bonus, we've also added the ability to set a limit per block. This provides even more flexibility, allowing mentors to set a limit for each block of a listing, instead of the entire listing.

Discount Codes

We're thrilled to announce the new Discount Codes feature on our booking platform! This addition empowers mentors to create and share unique discount codes, providing bookers with special offers on their sessions.

Mentors can now effortlessly generate and manage custom or random discount codes from their dashboard, setting discount percentages or fixed amounts, defining code validity and usage limits.

Sharing codes is a breeze, as mentors can send them directly to bookers via email or social media, or even embed them in promotional materials or blog posts. Bookers will enjoy a seamless experience, entering the discount code on the booking page, instantly seeing the updated price reflecting the discount, and completing the booking process with the discounted rate.

Head over to the Workflows page to start creating your first discount code!

New Features & Improvements

We have made some improvements to our platform to make it work better for you:

  • Refactored TimePicker component for better user experience
  • Added Hidden state for sessions
  • Improved the eligibility CSV export for councils
  • Ordered workflow cards alphabetically
  • Removed amount minimum requirement for discounts
  • Updated experience to show main mentor first
  • Added mobile info popup for discounts
  • Improved error messages for session updates
  • Enabled council to update their listings
  • Resolved a condition for free bookings in the booked seats feature
  • Improved the eligibility CSV export for councils
  • Added block name property to the schedule feature
  • Added a sessions count for mentor bookings
  • Enhanced the eligibility marketing export for councils
  • Fixed a 500 error on the map in the organisation feature
  • Improved council dashboard and bookings default tab
  • Fixed modals screen depth for inline-edit feature
  • Added a waiting list warning modal for settings and listings
  • Added All time option to DatePicker
  • Fixed workflow booking price calculator for discounts
  • Fixed a count error of active bookings in the council dashboard
  • Updated council listings to consider private blocks
  • Corrected upcoming dates in the organisation feature
  • Fixed metrics export URL

HAF Dashboard Updates

The updates include improvements to the metrics, listings, and providers sections of the dashboard. These changes aim to provide users with more relevant information, better user interface, and an interactive experience. Additionally, the dashboard now allows for exporting HAF Listing data to CSV based on a certain date range.


  • Overview: The overview section has been updated to include more relevant metrics for the HAF program.
  • DfE Reporting: The user interface for the DfE reporting section has been improved, along with the explanation of the metrics and response time.
  • Engagement: View the engagement metrics for your learners, including the number of learners who have been booked.
  • Eligibility: See the eligibility status of your learners as a percentage, in an interactive way.


More detailed information is now available for each listing on the dashboard. It is now possible to export the HAF Listing data to CSV, based on a certain date range.


You can now switch between different views of the providers page, including a by sessions and by hours view. This breakdown is useful for providers to see how many sessions and hours they have delivered.

New Features & Improvements

We have made some improvements to our platform to make it work better for you:

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect date-time format on emails
  • The council list on the search page is now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue with the date range filter on the schedule export
  • Resolved an issue when the public organization page was inaccessible if no listings were available
  • Improved validations and the performance of the booking process
  • Fixed an issue when waiting list users were unable to book a listing
  • Resolved an issue when mentor collaborators failed to create bespoke invoices and registration records
  • Randomized user avatars are now used for reflections authors
  • Improved the way automatic discounts are displayed on the checkout summary

Automatic Discounts

We're excited to announce the release of our new feature, Automatic Discounts! With this update, you can now set up discounts that will be automatically applied to eligible scenarios, saving you time and effort.

Here are some of the key features of Automatic Discounts:

  • Easy to set up: Simply go to Workflows page and create a new discount and set the conditions for when it should be applied, such as a minimum order value or specific tickets.
  • Flexible options: Choose from a percentage or fixed amount discount, and set a maximum number of learners that can use the discount.
  • Targeted promotions: Use Automatic Discounts to offer promotions to specific customer groups or to promote certain listings.
  • Seamless integration: Automatic Discounts works seamlessly with our existing booking checkout process, ensuring a smooth experience for customers.

Organisation Page Mapping & Filters

We enhanced the Organization page by incorporating an interactive map, improving the overall user experience. Additionally, new filters were introduced making it easier for customers of large Organisations to navigate and filter for relevant information.

Search & Learners Page Enhancements

During this update, the age filter for the search page was fixed, and a learners page was added for councils. A warning modal to prevent unintended approval before eligibility checks was introduced, and the design accessibility for error notifications was improved. Bugs causing wrong booking actions to appear for invalid bookings were fixed, and new icons were added to the booking page.

  • Fixed age filter for the search page
  • Added a learners page for councils
  • Added a warning modal to prevent unintended approval before eligibility
  • Improved design and accessibility for error notifications
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong booking actions to appear for invalid bookings
  • Added new icons for the booking page

Performance & Booking Management Improvements

On the 1st of March, numerous enhancements were made, such as improved performance of HAF metrics and the addition of date range filters. Fixes included resolving a collaborator issue and marking incomplete payments as failed. The update also added an adult ticket type for the HAF programme, improved the HAF questionnaire, and optimised the bottom bar placement for mobile devices.

  • Improved performance of HAF metrics
  • Fixed displayed collaborator on listing page
  • More complete export for councils
  • Added adult ticket type for the HAF programme
  • Improvements to HAF questionnaire and better error handling
  • Fixed a bug causing incomplete payments not to be marked as failed
  • Fixed the placement of the bottom bar for mobile devices

Register Feature & Enhanced Ticket Types

This update enhanced the "Take Register" feature, providing two checkboxes to indicated collected and arrived attendees as an listing setting. A block ticket types was enabled for HAF programme use, and the design of the schedule page was significantly improved for better user experience.

  • Take register (collected and arrived) added as an experience setting
  • Enabled block ticket types for the HAF programme
  • Improved design for the Schedule page

Block Naming & Assigning tickets to a Block

This update includes the ability to name your blocks. It also brings the ability to remove tickets, thereby assigning specific tickets to any given block. Users can now also publish blocks without tickets, which automatically enables the 'Register Interest' feature. Additionally, listings can be published without the need for tickets or dates.

  • Name your blocks and Assign tickets
  • Allow users to publish blocks with no tickets or dates
  • The Register Interest is now automatically enabled for listings with no tickets

More access for experience collaborators

Experience collaborators can now create bespoke invoices and registration records for their experiences. This can make managing bookings and payments easier, and help track and collect activity data.

Edit listings, bulk messages and more

We’re excited to introduce a range of new features and improvements to our platform that will help you get the most out of it.

Councils can now edit any of the affiliated listing, and mentors can send bulk messages to all parents. We’ve also improved the booking process by collecting more data when a booking is declined and fixing a couple of bugs related to session loading and remaining places.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Allow members to edit listing
  • Possibility to send bulk messages for all parents
  • Better names for downloaded CSV files
  • Collect information when booking is declined
  • Fixed a bug when session failed to load on organisation page
  • Fixed a bug when remaining places was incorrectly displayed
  • Improved booking filters by adding new options

We've just completed a round of polishing and have released some updates to improve your experience.

This release includes enhancements to the user interface and bug fixes to make sure everything runs smoothly. We hope these changes make your time on our platform even better.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Redesigned pages for Council Dashboard
  • Gave the Search input in the navigation bar a fresh look
  • Improved the UI consistency of the for the back button
  • Added « View all Dates » on the Experience page summary section
  • Redirect users to the login page when they access a magic link
  • Added explanation section when no cancellations results
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect actions being available for bookings
  • Added email reminders for Childcare Payments
  • Corrected the calculation for remaining places in the Council Dashboard

We look forward to seeing you in the new year with more updates.

Childcare Payments

We are happy to announce the new Childcare Payments feature to the platform. This feature allows Mentors to accept Childcare Payments as a form of payment for their bookings. You can use now both Card Payments and Childcare Payments to pay for your bookings for learning experiences.

To enable this feature for your experiences, head to the Workflows page to set up your Childcare Payment schemes.

Parents can find a step by step guide on How to book with Tax-Free Childcare Payments or Childcare Vouchers and learn how to add your Childcare Scheme and Reference number and confirm your Childcare Payment on Eequ.

Fixes & Improvements

  • A complete redesign of the Bookings page with a new table component
  • The ability to pay bespoke invoices with a childcare voucher
  • A new filter on the Bookings page to filter by reconciled payments
  • Fixed a crash when users try to filter experiences on the Bookings page
  • Added e-mail reminders for Mentors about pending cancellations
  • Fixed a bug where the schedule navigation was redirecting to the wrong session
  • The prevention of overflowing in the mentor section on the experience page
  • Fixed a bug where the page would crash when trying to search in the location field
  • Improved performance when fetching Portfolio details

To start accepting bookings with childcare payments, set up your childcare payment scheme on the Workflows page today.