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New updates and improvements to Eequ.

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Advanced Ticket Settings

Starting today, mentor can manage their bookings even more efficiently using the advanced ticket settings. This allows setting a custom size limit, providing better flexibility and control during the booking process.

The advanced ticket settings can be found on the Listings page, under the Tickets tab.

As a bonus, we've also added the ability to set a limit per block. This provides even more flexibility, allowing mentors to set a limit for each block of a listing, instead of the entire listing.

Discount Codes

We're thrilled to announce the new Discount Codes feature on our booking platform! This addition empowers mentors to create and share unique discount codes, providing bookers with special offers on their sessions.

Mentors can now effortlessly generate and manage custom or random discount codes from their dashboard, setting discount percentages or fixed amounts, defining code validity and usage limits.

Sharing codes is a breeze, as mentors can send them directly to bookers via email or social media, or even embed them in promotional materials or blog posts. Bookers will enjoy a seamless experience, entering the discount code on the booking page, instantly seeing the updated price reflecting the discount, and completing the booking process with the discounted rate.

Head over to the Workflows page to start creating your first discount code!

Changelog release preview

New Features & Improvements

We have made some improvements to our platform to make it work better for you:

  • Refactored TimePicker component for better user experience
  • Added Hidden state for sessions
  • Improved the eligibility CSV export for councils
  • Ordered workflow cards alphabetically
  • Removed amount minimum requirement for discounts
  • Updated experience to show main mentor first
  • Added mobile info popup for discounts
  • Improved error messages for session updates
  • Enabled council to update their listings
  • Resolved a condition for free bookings in the booked seats feature
  • Improved the eligibility CSV export for councils
  • Added block name property to the schedule feature
  • Added a sessions count for mentor bookings
  • Enhanced the eligibility marketing export for councils
  • Fixed a 500 error on the map in the organisation feature
  • Improved council dashboard and bookings default tab
  • Fixed modals screen depth for inline-edit feature
  • Added a waiting list warning modal for settings and listings
  • Added All time option to DatePicker
  • Fixed workflow booking price calculator for discounts
  • Fixed a count error of active bookings in the council dashboard
  • Updated council listings to consider private blocks
  • Corrected upcoming dates in the organisation feature
  • Fixed metrics export URL

Changelog release preview

HAF Dashboard Updates

The updates include improvements to the metrics, listings, and providers sections of the dashboard. These changes aim to provide users with more relevant information, better user interface, and an interactive experience. Additionally, the dashboard now allows for exporting HAF Listing data to CSV based on a certain date range.


  • Overview: The overview section has been updated to include more relevant metrics for the HAF program.
  • DfE Reporting: The user interface for the DfE reporting section has been improved, along with the explanation of the metrics and response time.
  • Engagement: View the engagement metrics for your learners, including the number of learners who have been booked.
  • Eligibility: See the eligibility status of your learners as a percentage, in an interactive way.


More detailed information is now available for each listing on the dashboard. It is now possible to export the HAF Listing data to CSV, based on a certain date range.


You can now switch between different views of the providers page, including a by sessions and by hours view. This breakdown is useful for providers to see how many sessions and hours they have delivered.

New Features & Improvements

We have made some improvements to our platform to make it work better for you:

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect date-time format on emails
  • The council list on the search page is now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue with the date range filter on the schedule export
  • Resolved an issue when the public organization page was inaccessible if no listings were available
  • Improved validations and the performance of the booking process
  • Fixed an issue when waiting list users were unable to book a listing
  • Resolved an issue when mentor collaborators failed to create bespoke invoices and registration records
  • Randomized user avatars are now used for reflections authors
  • Improved the way automatic discounts are displayed on the checkout summary

Changelog release preview

Automatic Discounts

We're excited to announce the release of our new feature, Automatic Discounts! With this update, you can now set up discounts that will be automatically applied to eligible scenarios, saving you time and effort.

Here are some of the key features of Automatic Discounts:

  • Easy to set up: Simply go to Workflows page and create a new discount and set the conditions for when it should be applied, such as a minimum order value or specific tickets.
  • Flexible options: Choose from a percentage or fixed amount discount, and set a maximum number of learners that can use the discount.
  • Targeted promotions: Use Automatic Discounts to offer promotions to specific customer groups or to promote certain listings.
  • Seamless integration: Automatic Discounts works seamlessly with our existing booking checkout process, ensuring a smooth experience for customers.

Changelog release preview

Organisation Page Mapping & Filters

We enhanced the Organization page by incorporating an interactive map, improving the overall user experience. Additionally, new filters were introduced making it easier for customers of large Organisations to navigate and filter for relevant information.

Changelog release preview

Search & Learners Page Enhancements

During this update, the age filter for the search page was fixed, and a learners page was added for councils. A warning modal to prevent unintended approval before eligibility checks was introduced, and the design accessibility for error notifications was improved. Bugs causing wrong booking actions to appear for invalid bookings were fixed, and new icons were added to the booking page.

  • Fixed age filter for the search page
  • Added a learners page for councils
  • Added a warning modal to prevent unintended approval before eligibility
  • Improved design and accessibility for error notifications
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong booking actions to appear for invalid bookings
  • Added new icons for the booking page

Changelog release preview

Performance & Booking Management Improvements

On the 1st of March, numerous enhancements were made, such as improved performance of HAF metrics and the addition of date range filters. Fixes included resolving a collaborator issue and marking incomplete payments as failed. The update also added an adult ticket type for the HAF programme, improved the HAF questionnaire, and optimised the bottom bar placement for mobile devices.

  • Improved performance of HAF metrics
  • Fixed displayed collaborator on listing page
  • More complete export for councils
  • Added adult ticket type for the HAF programme
  • Improvements to HAF questionnaire and better error handling
  • Fixed a bug causing incomplete payments not to be marked as failed
  • Fixed the placement of the bottom bar for mobile devices

Changelog release preview

Register Feature & Enhanced Ticket Types

This update enhanced the "Take Register" feature, providing two checkboxes to indicated collected and arrived attendees as an listing setting. A block ticket types was enabled for HAF programme use, and the design of the schedule page was significantly improved for better user experience.

  • Take register (collected and arrived) added as an experience setting
  • Enabled block ticket types for the HAF programme
  • Improved design for the Schedule page

Changelog release preview

Block Naming & Assigning tickets to a Block

This update includes the ability to name your blocks. It also brings the ability to remove tickets, thereby assigning specific tickets to any given block. Users can now also publish blocks without tickets, which automatically enables the 'Register Interest' feature. Additionally, listings can be published without the need for tickets or dates.

  • Name your blocks and Assign tickets
  • Allow users to publish blocks with no tickets or dates
  • The Register Interest is now automatically enabled for listings with no tickets

Changelog release preview

More access for experience collaborators

Experience collaborators can now create bespoke invoices and registration records for their experiences. This can make managing bookings and payments easier, and help track and collect activity data.

Edit listings, bulk messages and more

We’re excited to introduce a range of new features and improvements to our platform that will help you get the most out of it.

Councils can now edit any of the affiliated listing, and mentors can send bulk messages to all parents. We’ve also improved the booking process by collecting more data when a booking is declined and fixing a couple of bugs related to session loading and remaining places.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Allow members to edit listing
  • Possibility to send bulk messages for all parents
  • Better names for downloaded CSV files
  • Collect information when booking is declined
  • Fixed a bug when session failed to load on organisation page
  • Fixed a bug when remaining places was incorrectly displayed
  • Improved booking filters by adding new options

Changelog release preview

We've just completed a round of polishing and have released some updates to improve your experience.

This release includes enhancements to the user interface and bug fixes to make sure everything runs smoothly. We hope these changes make your time on our platform even better.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Redesigned pages for Council Dashboard
  • Gave the Search input in the navigation bar a fresh look
  • Improved the UI consistency of the for the back button
  • Added « View all Dates » on the Experience page summary section
  • Redirect users to the login page when they access a magic link
  • Added explanation section when no cancellations results
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect actions being available for bookings
  • Added email reminders for Childcare Payments
  • Corrected the calculation for remaining places in the Council Dashboard

We look forward to seeing you in the new year with more updates.

Changelog release preview

Childcare Payments

We are happy to announce the new Childcare Payments feature to the platform. This feature allows Mentors to accept Childcare Payments as a form of payment for their bookings. You can use now both Card Payments and Childcare Payments to pay for your bookings for learning experiences.

To enable this feature for your experiences, head to the Workflows page to set up your Childcare Payment schemes.

Parents can find a step by step guide on How to book with Tax-Free Childcare Payments or Childcare Vouchers and learn how to add your Childcare Scheme and Reference number and confirm your Childcare Payment on Eequ.

Fixes & Improvements

  • A complete redesign of the Bookings page with a new table component
  • The ability to pay bespoke invoices with a childcare voucher
  • A new filter on the Bookings page to filter by reconciled payments
  • Fixed a crash when users try to filter experiences on the Bookings page
  • Added e-mail reminders for Mentors about pending cancellations
  • Fixed a bug where the schedule navigation was redirecting to the wrong session
  • The prevention of overflowing in the mentor section on the experience page
  • Fixed a bug where the page would crash when trying to search in the location field
  • Improved performance when fetching Portfolio details

To start accepting bookings with childcare payments, set up your childcare payment scheme on the Workflows page today.