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New updates and improvements to Eequ.

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Changelog release preview

We've just completed a round of polishing and have released some updates to improve your experience.

This release includes enhancements to the user interface and bug fixes to make sure everything runs smoothly. We hope these changes make your time on our platform even better.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Redesigned pages for Council Dashboard
  • Gave the Search input in the navigation bar a fresh look
  • Improved the UI consistency of the for the back button
  • Added « View all Dates » on the Experience page summary section
  • Redirect users to the login page when they access a magic link
  • Added explanation section when no cancellations results
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect actions being available for bookings
  • Added email reminders for Childcare Payments
  • Corrected the calculation for remaining places in the Council Dashboard

We look forward to seeing you in the new year with more updates.

Changelog release preview

Childcare Payments

We are happy to announce the new Childcare Payments feature to the platform. This feature allows Mentors to accept Childcare Payments as a form of payment for their bookings. You can use now both Card Payments and Childcare Payments to pay for your bookings for learning experiences.

To enable this feature for your experiences, head to the Workflows page to set up your Childcare Payment schemes.

Parents can find a step by step guide on How to book with Tax-Free Childcare Payments orChildcare Vouchers and learn how to add your Childcare Scheme and Reference number and confirm your Childcare Payment on Eequ.

Fixes & Improvements

  • A complete redesign of the Bookings page with a new table component
  • The ability to pay bespoke invoices with a childcare voucher
  • A new filter on the Bookings page to filter by reconciled payments
  • Fixed a crash when users try to filter experiences on the Bookings page
  • Added e-mail reminders for Mentors about pending cancellations
  • Fixed a bug where the schedule navigation was redirecting to the wrong session
  • The prevention of overflowing in the mentor section on the experience page
  • Fixed a bug where the page would crash when trying to search in the location field
  • Improved performance when fetching Portfolio details

To start accepting bookings with childcare payments, set up your childcare payment scheme on the Workflows page today.