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Ma Durga Yoga

Harmonic development and growth with yoga

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Location address: Eye, IP23 7HF
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Ages: 18+ years

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1hr Trapeze Class £20 per sessionBlock discount £15/hrPay at door Free
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A summary
This is a class that takes part on a traditional yoga mat as well as the YB Yoga Trapeze. Strength, flexibility and inversion of the whole body are in the fore front of this practice. The YB Yoga Trapeze has 3 sets of handles which allow for pulling and holding movements supporting the intensity of some postures. Practice on the YB Yoga Trapeze opens new ways to explore your body, breath and your relationship with gravity. Each class will include some breathing practice, a general body warm up and then proceed to several poses using parts or the whole of the YB Trapeze. During the closing phase, there will be a short breathing exercise and brief acknowledgement of the practice through stillness.
About your mentor
Ma Durga Yoga
Harmonic development and growth with yoga
I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Baby Yoga teacher George in our local children center and I enjoyed her classes with both of my little ones. I could experience how we engaged with one another in class through song and had a brief moment of calm at the end of each lesson. A class format that I was familiar with from my own adult classes. Whilst my 2 children are growing up, I see how much screen time they crave and how their interests are changing towards gaming and being entertained by devices. And at all ages we are all subject to increasing peer pressure, self-consciousness and insecurities. I was wondering how I could bring more balance to children's lives and really plant a seed that supports and nurtures development in our frantic world. And soon I realised that we are all in constant development, no matter our age and I quickly added adult classes for my own benefit as well as sharing the deeper experience of yoga with like minded practitioners. Being a keen yoga student for more than 20 years, I qualified as a Toddler & Pre-School Yoga Teacher with Amy Yoga in 2021. I've been teaching this age group since January 2022 and have enjoyed every moment of it! It is beautiful to witness how the young ones explore their bodies with the assistance of their parent or carer or through the encouragement of their peers in nursery/pre-school settings. It has taken one teaching lesson, that I realised I'd like to open up my teaching skills for children of all ages, including teenagers. I have completed the teaching yoga to children & teens course in July 2022 and will complete a teaching yoga to adults course in February 2023. Both are with the British Wheel of Yoga. I find their recognition within the UK educational sector is unique and their approach to embrace all traditions and facets of yoga the right fit for me. I found in Christiane Kerr (calm for kids), Kari Knight (yoga for people living with cancer) and Elaine Fletcher ( long term yoga and yoga teacher trainer) amazing resources of knowledge, compassion and support. The children and adults I have encountered in my classes this far, give me the confidence and confirmation that I am following my calling! My own family & friends are also a huge support of my work, studies and wider interest i.e. child psychology, mind sight and neuro-diversity which I'm studying in my own time to support my teaching. I hope that your children and yourself will find value in my teaching and that it may help with general life challenges along the way of school, work, relationships, friendships and kindness to oneself. Always carrying that light of yoga and being able to shine it where we need it. Let it be in our physical bodies, our mind to calm our thoughts, to gain clarity or to regulate our emotions.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Increase strength and flexibility through eccentric movements
Aim 3
Being able to perform movements on an inhale and exhale
Aim 2
Explore the effect of rhythmic breathing patterns on the body and the mind
Aim 4
Using the YB Yoga Trapeze safely as a yoga practice support for demonstrated postures
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Ticket name1hr Trapeze Class
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Ticket namePay at door
InformationChoose this ticket if you prefer to pay at the door. Prices are the same: £10 drop-in/£8 bulk
Where we'll be
1st Eye Scout, Group Hut, Eye, Suffolk, IP23 7HF
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