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Get Into Data Science : An Introduction

Learn data science at the i360!

Mentored by Andrew Riley-WatsonMentor summary: Professional geophysicist, amateur musician.
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Genius Brighton
Location address: Brighton, BN1 2LN
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For ages: 12 - 18+ years

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Standard £15
Next date: None - message Mentor to express interest

A summary

This October half term come and learn about data science in Brighton's most iconic venue, the BA i360! If you've ever wondered how Netflix knows what to recommend to you, how Tik Tok decides which videos to show you next, or even how we discover valuable minerals kilometres under the ground, the answer is Data Science. If you've ever wondered who advises governments on how much to spend on health, or education, or on how many COVID vaccines to buy - the answer is: data scientists. We'd like to acknowledge the very generous support of the BA i360, the University of Sussex, and Geoscience leaders CGG in the production and hosting of this workshop. A 2018 Royal Society report into data science in primary and secondary education comments that: "demand for data science experts far [outstrips] that for other employment sectors."* This situation can only become more severe in the future. One of the most useful and marketable technical skills, data science combines many scientific discipli...

Andrew Riley-Watson·Professional geophysicist, amateur musician.
Hi - I'm Andrew, and I run Genius Brighton educational workshops. You might know us from our Venture Coders workshops. I'm a working scientist - a physicist - working in geophysics and data science. I've been running workshops like this, in and around Brighton, for children since around 2015. I also tutor maths, physics and coding privately. Our workshops are all about developing the skills our children will need in the future - it's not about creating a generation of computer scientists! We want to create a generation of children that have the skills to follow their passion wherever it takes them, without feeling restricted by a rigid education. That means having the confidence to learn new things, to solve problems, to not be afraid to dive into something new. This, more than anything else, is what you can expect from our workshops.

What we'll do

You'll be analysing a large dataset of earthquakes in Japan to try and find patterns in the data. We'll show you around the tools data scientists use to do this. By the end of the workshop you'll be making beautiful maps that will reveal interesting patterns in the data. You'll even be able to repeat this at home. We'll show you how!

Learning aims

We'll show you the tools you;'ll need to continue learning at home. How to get started and where to look for help.

Why learn data science?

Well, for one thing, it's immensely fun and satisfying visualising huge datasets with simple images, and finding surprising patterns in data. Is it incredibly geeky to enjoy coding and data analysis? Hell, yes! You'll be surprised how many other people love that too! You're not in school anymore. This is Genius Brighton. We love this stuff! On a serious, or perhaps economic note, in a recent report by the Royal Society, "THE INTEGRATION OF DATA SCIENCE IN THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CURRICULUM", England's primary and secondary curricula at key stages 1-4 was examined to see how much data science existed in the various subjects. It was found that effective data science teaching at primary, and also secondary often depended on the teacher and the teaching, in technical subjects. In 'overcoming barriers', the report concludes: "Most of the curriculum issues highlighted can be overcome without recourse to potentially unwelcome curriculum change, but a more detailed, updated and coheren...

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we'll be

Lower Kings Road, The Attenborough Room at the i360, Brighton, Brighton and Hove, BN1 2LN

Pricing information

Ticket: Standard £15

Pricing information


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