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I believe a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging and freedom in the wilderness. A world where people see themselves as being intrinsically part of nature. A world where we all recognise the value of nature in supporting our well-being. My passion is to inspire people to come into a more fulsome awareness of their own nature, and to access joy through a life of self-expression, honesty and courage. 'ipse’ exists to encourage others to explore the wilderness outside, and by doing so, to get in touch with their own nature. To journey outside, inside and to connect with others along the way. I am a wilderness therapy facilitator, with a background in teaching and expedition leading. Having grown up on a diet of Type 2 fun, served as an army cadet officer, travelled extensively and led remote expeditions all over the world, I walked a 500 mile solo pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago, which inspired me to commit to a life of simplicity and freedom.

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