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Sukha Clark

Buddhist Artist

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For ages: 15 - 17 years

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I share my home three days a week for independent tutors to teach classes to Home Education students aged 15-18.I am there to welcome the young people and tutors and hold the space. I care deeply about creating a safe, beautiful and kind environment where young people can learn how to learn. Learning in small groups means the students have a chance to develop trust in their tutors and in their peers. That trust allows them to explore who they are and to get to know others deeply. The students can relax and enjoy learning in a homely environment that it both calm and vibrant. I start sessions with half an hour of yoga. I treat every student with respect, kindness, warmth and interest. I involve them in discussions about how we want to treat one another, what kind of work ethic we want to have and what really interests and excites them in the world. I am there to supervise during breaks and lunch and to cover if a tutor is unavailable. I am there in the background for students, tutors and parents to talk through any concern or creative idea.
About your mentor
Sukha Clark
Buddhist Artist
I was born in Scotland in 1974 to a loving family. I was focused on making sense of the world from a young age. I often felt overwhelmed by the suffering in the world. I found solace in wild flowers and wild places. In making pictures and stories and those loves have stayed constant through my life. I studied Fine Art at Glasgow Art School which was just up the hill from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. I went on my first Buddhist retreat in 1993. When I heard the story of the Buddha’s life I knew I’d found my path for this life. Meditation and yoga have remained central to that journey. I spent my 20’s working for a Buddhist ethical trading co-op in Cambridge. I designed handicrafts and travelled in the Far East buying from makers and checking out working conditions. I also had a few of my corners knocked off and trained for 9 years for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist order. I was ordained in 2004 and given the name Sukhasiddhi. I was named after a medieval Tibetan woman who became a dakini (enlightened sky dancer). I spent my 30’s in East London having two children, which knocked off a few more corners… I discovered Steiner education, helped run a home birth group and engaged with the London Buddhist Centre. I co-led classes, workshops and week long retreats. I now live in Sussex in a village in the woods. I spend a lot of time sitting with trees and painting the sea. When I am doing this work of holding young people I feel that I am using every scrap of what I have been born with and all that I have been so generously given and taught by my family, friends and teachers.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To increase self confidence.
Aim 3
To develop trust in their teachers.
Aim 2
To develop trust in their peers.
Aim 4
To learn how to learn.
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Ticket nameStandard
InformationThis is for yoga teaching, supervision of classes, admin, premises and cleaning each week, divided between ten students.
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