Rewilding Walk

Reconnect to nature on a Rewilding Walk.

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Beyond Domestication

Rewild your wellbeing with Seven Practices

Location address: London, NW51LT
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Ages: children 5 - 18 · adults 18+ years

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Standard ticket £35 per session
Next date: Sunday 28th Jul,
What we'll do
Join George and Amber-Rose on a mindful walk in nature. Can you put yourself first this season by learning how to use nature to rewild your wellbeing? The Seven Practices will help you reconnect to a healthier and happier natural life. Each Rewilding Walk is an exploration of the Seven Practices: Food | Water | Air | Sunlight | Movement | Mindfulness | Sleep We can all build a relationship with each of the Seven Practices to support our wellbeing journey. Included on a Rewilding Walk 1: Foraging Spend time with local wild plants and trees (and mushrooms, if available), learning to forage healthy, sustainable food. George is a qualified forager, and on a Rewilding Walk you will learn about the different ways you can supplement your diet from nature. 2: Wild Tea Drink wild with an introduction to the different teas you can make with plants. We will cover common plants like Nettles through to lesser-known plants like Rose Bay Willow Herb. You will have a chance to make and enjoy a wild tea on the walk. 3: Airbathing Spending time in green spaces is a quick way to support health and wellbeing. You will be airbathing by simply coming on a Rewilding Walk. We will take it further by practising two simple breathing techniques you can take away and use at home or work. 4: Safe sunbathing Daily sunlight exposure alongside a healthy diet provides our body with many vital nutrients needed to support body function. We cannot always rely on the sun in the UK, so we must safely take advantage of it when it is available. 5: Grounding Connect to the ground and let the Earth’s natural charge reduce inflammation in your body. Reducing inflammation played a crucial role in George reaching remission from Crohn’s disease, and grounding was an important part of that journey. 6: Barefoot walking How often do you walk barefoot over the land? Our ancestors relied on the natural ability of our feet to guide them through their lives, something we lost in our modern world. Learn how to safely walk barefoot in nature, helping to build strength throughout the leg and reduce the risk of developing foot ailments like bunions. 7: Sensory awareness Spend time with your senses, reconnecting to nature through sound, sign, touch, smell and taste. We will take a moment to pause in a calm spot on the Heath, perform some mindful movement and be with ourselves. 8: Silent movement Moving silently in nature comes naturally to other animals, and it used to come naturally to us too. We will spend a small part of the walk moving quietly through the woods, allowing our mind to wander where it wishes. Who knows what creative ideas may come to you? 9: Sleep discussion Unfortunately, we will not be able to spend a night on the Heath. But we will talk about using sleep as a healer and the sleep benefits that Amber-Rose and George have found from spending time in nature. 10: Natural navigation We can use many signs in nature to navigate our landspace. We will try and step into the shoes and minds of our ancestors by using trees, hills and other signs to navigate through Hampstead Heath.
About your mentor
Beyond Domestication
Rewild your wellbeing with Seven Practices
At Beyond Domestication we support organisations and individuals to rewild their wellbeing through the Seven Practices. Beyond Domestication is the product of two individuals, George and Amber-Rose, and the rewilding journeys they took to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. After discovering and using the Seven Practices in their own lives they now support organisations and individuals to do the same.
Getting there
We will meet in front of Parliament Hill Lido by the entrance to the car park (I can share a live location on the day). There will be a toilet break on the walk in the first hour. We also finish the walk near the toilets. Please remember to bring: 1. Hot water in a flask You will have the chance to prepare your own wild tea whilst on the walk. A bottle of drinking water is also advised, and a water fountain is on the route. Bring a glass jar if you want to take any foraged food home with you. 2. Pen and paper You can make notes on your phone during the walk, but we will invite people to use a pen/pencil and paper at the end of the walk. 3. Appropriate clothing for the season We will walk off the trail, so please bring suitable shoes (even if we take them off at one point). You may also want warm layers/rainwear if the weather looks like you need it. This will be a dog-friendly walk, so please feel free to bring your furry friends with you. The nearest station is Gospel Oak Overground.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Use of local plants for food and medicine
Aim 3
Basic understanding of functional breathing
Aim 5
Introduction to walking barefoot and grounding
Aim 7
Tools to navigate using nature
Aim 2
Knowledge of local wild teas
Aim 4
Guidance for natural safe sunbathing
Aim 6
Insight into finding your natural sleep pattern
Pricing information
Ticket nameStandard ticket
InformationThis ticket is for one person to attend a Rewilding Walk on Hampstead Heath, London.
Where we'll be
Hampstead Heath, Hampstead, London, Greater London, NW51LT
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