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St. James C of E in partnership with Edstart

Every child deserves an Edstart

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Location address: Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 9HU
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Ages: 3 - 11 years

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Next date: Tuesday 28th May,
Funded by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
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What we'll do
Our weekly plan focuses on promoting sports wellbeing, team building, and learning new skills in sports while ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all children. The plan is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging experience by introducing different sports on a weekly basis. This approach allows children to explore a wide range of sports and learn about new sports entirely, fostering a sense of curiosity, discovery, and continuous learning. Each week, the plan will offer opportunities for children to engage in various sports activities and learn the fundamental skills and rules specific to each sport. By rotating the sports on a weekly basis, children will have the chance to experience different sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, cricket, rugby, and many, many more. This diverse selection of sports not only encourages physical development but also exposes children to different cultures, traditions, and ways of movement. By offering a variety of sports and changing them on a weekly basis, the plan seeks to keep the children engaged, motivated, and excited about learning new skills. It also fosters a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect among the children through team building activities and friendly competitions. In summary, the weekly plan revolves around sports wellbeing, team building, and learning new skills in sports, while also prioritizing inclusivity and accessibility. By introducing different sports on a weekly basis, the plan aims to provide a dynamic and diverse experience for children, encouraging them to explore and appreciate the world of sports while fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all.
About your mentor
St. James C of E in partnership with Edstart
Every child deserves an Edstart
The electricity of your first match. The joy of your first dance. The thrill of winning, losing, celebrating with your teammates. That’s something every child deserves. At Edstart, we believe sport is a great way to kick-start wellbeing, and build firm foundations for later life. Most importantly - it’s lots of fun! We work to nurture and develop fitness, social skills, and positivity in every child, encouraging them every step of the way.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Independence and social skills. The children will be allowed to gain ability’s in sports through independent practice. They will socialise with children they may not necessarily go to school with or are of a different age. They will need to learn rules, new skills and follow instructions.
Aim 3
Having fun Parents are always looking for ways to give their children the best chance in life, by sending children to Sports holiday camps they will enjoy learning new things and leave with positive feelings of accomplishment.
Aim 5
Health Not only do sports camps improve the children’s health through exercise, it also teaches the children to exercise and stay active. With obesity at a all-time high, it is essential to give children a way of keeping fit and healthy. And by sending them to a sports holiday club they learn this through a fun environment plus learn new sports. Getting the children activity from a young age can promote health and well being as they get older, this in turn will prevent many health issues. Allowing the children to do so outside of school within school holidays, has a massive benefit for them, plus parents are able to know their children are learning new things whilst they can still get on with their usual day, as the children are normally at school.
Aim 2
Learning new activities Children learn PE and different sports at school, but holiday course will allow them to learn new genres of sports such as Handball and JagTag.
Aim 4
Gain self-discipline All children face new challenges through their school years. Through sports children learn to preserve with a challenge until they achieve it, they need to solve problems through the rules of the game even how to get around someone if they are defending.
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Ticket nameHAF funded ticket
Where we'll be
St. James C of E Primary School, Romney Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, OL6 9HU
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