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From Genesis to Revelation: Chartres, Story and Sacred Geometry

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Roi Gal-Or

Location address: Forest Row, RH18 5JX
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Join Daniel Docherty, Roi Gal-Or and guests, for this inspirational course to be held at Emerson College, UK. Then culminating six days of the programme will take place at Chartres. We invite you to join us on a unique pilgrimage, a quest of marrying the timely with the timeless; a journey where the incredible and ancient stories built in stone and shining through stained glass will be re-enlivened. Since its ancient pre-Christian roots, Druidic Black Madonna revering, through Fulbertus' cathedral and its destruction by fire in 1194 - its miraculous rebuilding within the next half century - to our times where humanity has somewhat lost connection with the subtle dimensions, this sacred centre remains a source of revelation and inspiration. The wisdom school of Chartres, underpinned by the seven liberal arts, made a conscious effort at reconciling the ancient Pythagorean/Platonic stream with the Christian mystery teachings through the inspiration of luminaries such as Bernardus Silvestris,Thierry of Chartres, John of Salisbury and Alanus ab Insulis. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the globe arrive at Chartres annually seeking spiritual nourishment, sensing that this sanctuary holds essential teachings vital for deepening understanding of our true nature. On this course, as a group of philosophers (lovers of wisdom), a caravan of seekers journeying the highs and lows of soul-spirit terrains, we will endeavour to participate consciously, to explore and to understand the many levels of meaning and wisdom this place offers. Our call is to realign ourselves and to discover how our personal story - our golden thread - is harmoniously woven into the Great Tapestry ... ------------------------------------------- Following arrival, welcome and meeting each other, we will embark on our journey of discovery, beginning with an overview of the manifold Stories that interweave to reveal the mysteries and wonders of Chartres. Participants will be invited to choose and craft a Chartres related story to accompany and enrich the journey. We will be introduced to skills and ways of crafting these stories for an oral sharing together in Chartres, endeavouring to seek the deep wisdom and inspiration within the stories to guide our personal and collective journeys. Alongside this work, through the practice and philosophy of sacred geometry and related craft practices, we will develop an appreciation of the profound and sacred patterns that underlie and inform the very fabric of the Cathedral - this House of Mary - and symbolic representation of the 'Heavenly Jerusalem' here on earth. See preliminary schedule (subject to change) below .. Each day will include Sacred Geometry and Storytelling practices alongside other artistic activities such as drawing, painting, modelling ... We will also learn a repertoire of 'Chartres' songs. {Evening activities will be offered during our time at Emerson College} 22nd-28th of September (26th of Sept. Rest day and/or Self-directed study) Emerson College Campus and surrounds Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX, UK 9:00-12:30 Morning session; 12:30-14:00 Lunch; 14:00-17:00 Afternoon session; 19:15-21:15 Evening activities 29th of September - Travel day 30th of September - 5 October Chartres Cathedral, France (Morning, afternoon and evening activities/sharings to include time for exploration, rest, digesting and spontaneous happenings!) (30th of September) 14:00 Meet outside Chartres' Royal West Portal 5th of October 12:00 Conclusion and Goodbyes During our 2019 trip we had a few vehicles driving from Emerson College to Chartres; please advise us if you would be interested in this lift-share option or intend to drive. Ferry/fuel costs will likely be around £60 p/p each-way. Accommodation/meal options are available to book directly via the Emerson College website; there are also many local B&Bs, Airbnbs and hotel options within a 5-15 minute walk of SAOG Studios/Emerson College. We are renting a couple of lovely apartments very near Chartres Cathedral which offer a number of single/double/twin share room options ranging in price from £35-£70. These rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please contact the mentor for further details. A list of alternative accommodation options in Chartres will be provided on request and receipt of course deposit.
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Roi Gal-Or
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Roi Gal-Or ​ Roi Gal-Or is an internationally acclaimed performing storyteller and workshop leader publicly recognised for his unique playful and profound way of teaching storytelling over the last 17 years. Roi is co-founder of the International School of Storytelling based at Emerson College, England. He teaches the use of storytelling in service of the environment education, healing, peace and reconciliation. Roi works with the power of stories and the imagination to inspire connection and social transformation, foster vision, possibility, community and personal development. -------------------------------------------------------- Daniel Docherty ​ Daniel Docherty received his MA in Sacred and Traditional Arts in 2004 under the guidance of Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant (Prince's School of Traditional Arts - London) . He has subsequently undertaken extensive research into how the arts/sciences of the ancient quadrivium (Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology) inform and underpin the world's manifold cultural traditions. Daniel's teaching practice is based at SAOG Studios, Emerson College (an educational initiative that he co-founded with Kira Orsak in 2015); he also regularly leads courses and lectures internationally.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Learn skills and ways of crafting stories to fit your surroundings.
Aim 3
Nature an appreciation of the profound and sacred patterns that underlie and inform the very fabric of the Cathedral.
Aim 2
Learn through practice and philosophy of sacred geometry and related craft practices.
Aim 4
Learn the art of Sacred Geometry and to recognise patterns in this ancient architecture.
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Ticket nameStandard
Where we'll be
Emerson College, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX
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