Girls Wellbeing Session

An evening of self-care and pampering

Mentored by

Yuvanis Foundation

Engage, Encourage, and Empower

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Location address: Oldham, OL9 6JN
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Ages: children 10 - 18 · adults 18 - 25 years

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Teenage Wellbeing £2.50
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A summary
Teenage Girls Wellbeing Workshop: Nurturing Confidence, Resilience, and Empowerment Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our Teenage Girls Wellbeing Workshop, a safe and uplifting space designed for young girls navigating the challenges of adolescence. This workshop is crafted to foster holistic growth, focusing on mental, emotional, and social well-being. What to Expect: 1. Interactive Discussions: Engage in open and supportive discussions about topics relevant to teenage girls, including self-esteem, body image, relationships, and stress management. Facilitators create a safe environment for sharing and learning. 2. Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: Learn practical mindfulness and relaxation exercises to manage stress, boost concentration, and enhance overall emotional well-being. These techniques provide valuable tools for navigating the ups and downs of teenage life. 3. Creative Expression: Explore various forms of creative expression, such as art, journaling, or movement, to encourage self-reflection and self-expression. Creative activities are woven into the workshop to provide unique avenues for emotional exploration. 4. Building Positive Relationships: Discuss healthy relationships, peer dynamics, and effective communication. Work on developing strong support networks and nurturing positive connections with peers. 5. Goal Setting and Confidence Building: Participants will engage in activities aimed at setting realistic goals, building confidence, and envisioning their future. Empowerment activities aim to instil a sense of purpose and resilience. Expected Outcomes: 1. Increased Self-Awareness: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths, and areas for growth. 2. Enhanced Coping Strategies: Acquire practical coping strategies and mindfulness tools to manage stress and navigate challenging situations. 3. Improved Self-Confidence: Foster a positive self-image and develop the confidence to embrace individuality. 4. Building Support Networks: Encourage the formation of positive connections with peers, providing a support system for shared experiences. 5. Empowerment for Future Success: Equip participants with the skills and mindset needed to face challenges and pursue their goals with resilience and determination. Join us in creating an environment where teenage girls can flourish, supporting each other in their unique journeys toward wellbeing and empowerment. There is a nominal fee of £2.50 for the session as a small contribution towards the food.
About your mentor
Yuvanis Foundation
Engage, Encourage, and Empower
A grassroots organisation embedded in the heart of the community, Yuvanis Foundation aims to develop people to be resourceful, resilient, and responsible in the development of their communities. Yuvanis Foundation hopes to achieve this by providing engaging, encouraging, and empowering activities that help fight social exclusion and affording people with opportunities to participate in social, cultural, educational as well as recreational and fun activities within the confines of a safe and secure environment.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Improve mental health
Aim 3
Connect with other people
Aim 2
Improve wellbeing
Aim 4
Learn self-care routines
Pricing information
Ticket nameTeenage Wellbeing
Where we'll be
Yuvanis Foundation, Middleton Road, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL9 6JN
Enhanced DBS
Risk Assessment
Public Liability Insurance
Safeguarding Training
First Aid Training
First Aid Kit
Smoke Detector

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