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Bring Your Stories to Life

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Roi Gal-Or

Location address: Forest Row, RH18 5JX
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For ages: 18+ years

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4 weekends of in-depth exploration of the magical and transformative art of telling personal true-life stories. Our life is a unique story, a true Once upon a time adventure of a striving heroine or hero, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, falling in and out of love and experiencing loss, triumphs and transformation as you follow an invisible storyline that reveals itself from day to day. If you hear a calling to honour your journey and celebrate the real stuff life and all good stories are made of, you are warmly invited to join us and Bring your stories to Life! On this course, in a fun and encouraging atmosphere, we will explore together methods of unlocking memories, sourcing meaningful experiences from the treasure chest of our personal biography and transforming them into fascinating stories, gifts for ourselves and all those around us. You will find how to use your authentic voice and presence to serve the call of your unique story. We will learn storytelling techniques and how to shape and craft these stories artistically, so that what is personal to us touches something universal in our listeners revealing what being human is truly about. Working creatively with our perception, understanding, and interpretation of personal experiences, we will open doorways for finding fresh meaning in past experiences and seeing our present story as full of potential and possibilities. By the end of the course you will know how to use an effective process of crafting, transforming and polishing the raw pearls and raw diamonds of memories into the shining invaluable gifts of precious gem stories and will have the required skills to apply the process to any story you wish to tell and any audience of listeners. ---------------------------------------------- Accommodation and meals You can book and pay for a single room accommodation and lunches on our web site at Book early to ensure a place on campus!
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Roi Gal-Or
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Roi Gal-Or Roi Gal-Or, is a founder of the School of Storytelling in England. He teaches the use of storytelling in service of the environment, education, healing, peace and reconciliation. Roi works with the power of stories and the imagination to inspire connection and social transformation, foster vision, possibility and personal development. When he is not at home with his wife and 3 kids you will probably find him somewhere around the world performing or magically weaving together stories community building skills, social development games and biographical work.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Learn how to source meaningful experiences from the treasure chest of our personal biography and transforming them into fascinating stories.
Aim 3
Learn about your authentic voice and presence and how to use it.
Aim 2
Explore methods of unlocking memories.
Aim 4
Learn storytelling techniques and how to shape and craft these stories artistically.
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Emerson College, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX
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