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Harmony with horses: caring for horses and yourself

Mentored by Linnea Aarflot
Location address: Ashurst Wood, rh18 5aa
Chosen age group:

For ages: 18+ years

Available tickets:
One hour individual £40/hrGroup session per person £30/hr
Next date: None - message Mentor to express interest


Having spent most of my life working, competing and loving horses I have experienced the therapeutic value of being around these wonderful creatures, first hand. Being in the barn grooming, feeding, and otherwise caring for horses reduces stress and improves many aspects of our physical and mental health. Simple companionship is the foundation of a persons growth in relationship to these animals. Simply being with horses is therapy. In these workshops, I will welcome you to a peaceful stable environment where we can spend some gentle time caring and being with our friends the horses. You will learn many things about horse handling and many things about yourself. Horses can be an emotional mirror for humans. They respond to the feeling state we show. They are herd and prey animals, which means that they have a strong emotional sense and use this sense as a survival tool; they feed off of and respond to other horses in the herd. If one horse in a herd is scared, the others will become ...

Linnea Aarflot
I'm a professional dressage rider and trainer based in East Sussex. After working as a hired rider for 3 internatinal GP Riders, at two olympic dressage stables, in America and England, I'm now running my own dressage business where I educate both horses and riders. I have 15+ years experience and I've worked with all levels from Grand Prix dressage stallions, active world cup horses, young horses, broken sport horses, rescue horses in need of healing as well as stressed out NYPD's horses. I'm also loving to help riders to get a closer relationship to their four legged partner using the TRT Method and natural horsemanship, and I give lessons to riders both in the area as well as going away for international clinics. My main goal has always been to reach a as healthy and happy state of being for both my horses and riders, focusing on their inner balance and strength, with results as a receipt of great work, rather then the other way around. You don't have to be competitive to do well, you simply have to learn how to care for yourself and the ones around you and it becomes a celebration.

Learning aims

Acknowledge and honour your creative, strong, intuitive self and the wisdom of the body.

Strengths to develop

Listening to our own bodies’ wisdom and the messages behind our emotions are keys to our success in healing. Horsemanship is not about being forceful with a horse or ourselves, it is about using your body in a purposeful way to connect with yourself and the horse.

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we'll be

Somewhere in Ashurst Wood, Yet to be decided, Ashurst Wood, East Sussex, rh18 5aa

Pricing information

Ticket: One hour individual £40Ticket description: This one to one session can be customised to your needs. Please message me before booking.
Ticket: Group session per person £30Ticket description: Groups of 2 to 4 can have sessions customised to your needs. Please message me before booking.

Pricing information


My experience is an educational activity and the 14-day cooling-off period under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 therefore applies. After the 14 day period my standard policy will apply.

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