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Sarah Bellorini

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Women! Would you like to have more influence at work without having to change your personality or compromise on your values? Would you value insight in to how you are seen by colleagues, friends and family? Would you like to banish imposter syndrome and anxiety, becoming confident that you are where you need to be in the world? Are you ready to step into your rightful place, with self knowledge and compassionate authority? Theres an alternative to working with what you have as encouraged by personality tests and that is to transform who you are. The Energy Leadership Index is the only research-backed attitudinal assessment tool that takes something abstract like the way you view the world and turns it into something tangible; a metric you can see, feel and even re-evaluate in the future. The Energy Leadership Index is a unique assessment tool that empowers ordinary people to hold up a mirror to their attitudes and behaviours, reflecting an accurate picture of how they truly show up in the world. I am thrilled to be bringing this tool to women in my community who wish to harness their energy to achieve success in the workplace, home and world at large. In an empowering and confidential one-to-one session, I will guide you through to completion of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. You will leave with a complete and fullsome understanding of your perceptions, attitudes and behaviours, and a clear sense of what strengths you can use to be the kind of leader you have always admired. The session starts with some initial coaching to establish the context and your goals. Once you are ready, youll be supported to complete the online assessment, which takes about 20 minutes. Youll then receive your personalised 10-page written report in which you will discover: + The 7 distinct levels of energy ranging from severely low catabolic to vitally high anabolic + The percentage of each of the 7 energy levels you typically experience under stress and also under normal conditions its a game changer when you see this presented in a bar graph! + Your Average Resonating Level of Energy (ARL) research shows people with higher ARLs experience higher satisfaction and success in all areas of their life. +The interplay between your Energetic Stress Reaction (ESR) and your Energetic Self Perception (ESP) +How this impacts your leadership potential as well as your ARL both for you and against you The package also includes two personal coaching calls to gain deeper understanding of your current ability and future capacity as a leader + your first call will be up to 2 hours +your second call will be 30 minutes, approx. 2 weeks later +both calls are via Zoom At the end of the programme you will have clarity on your next steps to discover a clear path to you work and life goals and a higher ARL. I can also offer a shorter 'snapshot' process. Please contact me for details.
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Sarah Bellorini
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I believe we are all creative – it’s not if you create, it’s how you create. We are all leaders – it’s not if you lead, it’s how you lead. Together we create the change. I am passionate about internal transformation that creates sustainable change – as opposed to a quick fix eternal transition. My transformation occurred when I stopped focusing purely on what I wanted externally and started discovering who I was internally – that’s when the masks and armour had to come off and I discovered, and am still discovering, the power in vulnerability. I am an inspiring and creative Leadership Coach with considerable expertise in mid-life and mid-career transformation. I work with professionals who have experienced success in their careers and yet still believe there is something more significant they want to achieve. I have worked internationally with professionals from a range of backgrounds including Corporate, Government, Entrepreneurial and the Third Sector and am thrilled to be offering this learning and personal development opportunity to women in my community. Testimonial from a client: “I was feeling blocked, lethargic and unclear about my goals. Sarah was very good at asking questions to uncover what I really needed to be working on. Through the Energy Leadership Model I analysed what I was giving out about the issues I was facing and we identified what blocks were holding me back. As a result of the work I did with Sarah I felt more energised and empowered and successfully put a play I’d written through the UK’s second largest Fringe Festival.”
Learning aims
Aim 1
Understand how your perceptions, attitudes and behaviours create stress or success.
Aim 3
Complete a powerful evidence-based self assessment tool - this is an Attitudinal Assessment, not a personality test.
Aim 5
Reduce your stress and burnout.
Aim 2
Gain clarity on how to stop sabotaging your own success.
Aim 4
Increase your confidence and creativity (the World Economic Forum states that Creativity will be the 3rd top job skill by 2020 and Emotional Intelligence will be the 6th)
Aim 6
Be more engaged and purpose-led.
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5 Somerhill Road, Hove, Brighton and Hove, BN3 1RH
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