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A Full Day Foraging and Feasting

Never see the world the same again

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Fergus The Forager

Fergus the Forager

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Location address: Canterbury, CT6 8PL
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For ages: 18+ years

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Standard £185
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Note: Course time is 9am to 9.30/10pm not time as given elsewhere. After 20 years of running this course, it is as popular as ever. We forage in and around woodland, field, hedgerow, riverside, salt marsh, and by the sea, for the best wild ingredients, the season has to offer. Utilising our natural capacity to sensually engage with the world, we hone our sense of sight, touch, and taste to safely identify and gather wild plants, seaweeds and fungi, ever mindful of best sustainable harvesting practices, as well as potential unseen hazards. Lunch and dinner are both delicious 3-course wild food events, the first inside, and the second on the beach over 3 open fires. Throughout the day a wealth of unique wild food preparations including biscuits, candied items, pickles, drinks, and cocktail ingredients will be shared, including detailed instructions on how to prepare them. We will also make a seasonal pickle, as well as an alcohol-base drink that you can take home. The course is suitable for those new to foraging and wild food as well as those with years of experience. This fully immersive and practical hands-on course will stimulate a new and rich awareness of wild food possibilities and a deepened appreciation of habits and place. This full-day, at 12-13 hrs in length really is full, and yet so diverse and engaging that the time will seem to rush by. 2022 Full-day Forage And Feast dates: May 1st, Meeting at Faversham train station Sept 3rd Meeting at Herne Bay train station
About your mentor
Fergus The Forager
Fergus the Forager
Foraging is a life-long learning process, and Fergus has been at it for 30 years. Not only does he have great depths of knowledge in all the key aspects of identification, processing, use and best sustainable practice, but he combines it with a fun and engaging manner that brings the craft to life and makes it accessible to all. He has been described by his foraging instructor peers as "the Starship Enterprise of foraging". Forager Mark Williams enthused: "We need gastronauts like Star Fleet Commander Drennan to chart new worlds..." His favourite was when he was described as "Heston Blumenthal, Rene Redzepi, and Pascal Bauder, rolled into one.” He is inspired to offer this string of courses because there is often the misconception that, in order to really get to know wild plants, you need to visit wild places, or at least the countryside. Certainly that is good to do, but it doesn't fully appreciate the incredible biodiversity to be found in cities, and London parks and green spaces in particular. Here biodiversity simply means a unique wealth of plants. Many will be generally wild, others more feral or ornamental, yet from a foraging perspective, whatever their pedigree, they offer unique learning experiences. And, wild food knowledge is usually best developed near to where you live, and in places it is convenient to visit regularly throughout the year.
Private Group workshops
I regularly provide bespoke foraging or wild lunch events for private groups. This makes for a unique and personal experience where friends or family can spend a nourishing day in nature, remembering what is wonderful about our world and each other. These events can be customised and depending on numbers (normally 4 - 30) can be in any location in the UK. Events are ideal for: Birthday and celebration gatherings Training for outdoor educators School groups from approx age 12 Corporate team events Each event is designed in close dialogue with you for a most memorable day.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To stimulate a new and rich awareness of wild food possibilities
Aim 3
To learn all about what nature has to offer and how to forage responsibly
Aim 5
Experience the added learning that comes from a multi-sensory approach to wild foods, through touch, taste, smell, sight, and indeed listening.
Aim 2
To deepen your appreciation of habits and place
Aim 4
Develop a clear understanding of how to gather seasonally and sustainably for both food and medicine.
Aim 6
Learn key wild food preservation and processing techniques.
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Please use the Message Mentor button to send me a message to request your gift voucher. You will receive a beautifully designed PDF that can be personalised on request. The lucky recipient will be able to choose from any available course in the future and use your Gift Voucher partial or fully to attend the course or workshop of their preference. Once the Gift Voucher recipient has chosen their day, they should send me a message on Eequ and I will confirm their place by email.
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Ticket nameStandard
Where we'll be
Either; Herne Bay Train Station, The Goodshed or Faversham Train Station, Herne bay, Canterbury, Kent, CT6 8PL
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