Carve a hunting Boomerang (Kylie)

Recreate an ancient hunting technology

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Feral Science

Nic Harding

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Location address: Chelmsford, CM3 4AB
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For ages: 18+ years

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A summary
In this workshop we will consider throwsticks/ kylies within a historical context as a hunting technology that has been used worldwide and has spread with the movement of human populations. We will then focus on what makes a kylie distinct from a boomerang and discuss how they have been used for hunting. Shaping the kylie blanks to build an aerodynamic shape will be done mostly with knives (delegates are welcome to bring their own but they will need to be very sharp, Rupert will have knives available) and small axe before moving onto carpenters' rasps and sandpaper. The goal is to achieve almost straight line flight upto about 80m; this will be done by throwing, adjusting before throwing again. Rupert will guide you through the effect of different wing shapes and the tuning of the wing to produce a working kylie. Throughout the session we will need to perform quick 'field sharpening' to keep the tools at safe levels of sharpness. Delegates will be required to pay £10 to cover the cost of the materials. They will of course retain their kylies for finishing at a later date.
About your mentors
Feral Science
Science teacher gone feral
Rupert Loch is a former Head of Science and science teacher of 15 years’ experience. His introduction to outdoor learning started in one of his schools where he was among the team who started the project. While completing the training and assessment for the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate he realised that the skills and techniques could be applied to support teaching curriculum science at GCSE level, improving outcomes for students and connectivity with the natural environment. Rupert formed Feral Science in 2019 with the intention of providing curriculum based science delivered using Bushcraft and other outdoor skills. Through Feral Science he delivers direct to students, provides CPD training and creates curriculum linked resources for schools. 
Nic Harding
Project's Officer at FSA
As the Project Officer, I'm pleased to be organising the annual Forest School Association Conference. I am appearing as a Mentor on each workshop to give me oversight and allow me to help out on the day, I may not actually be on your workshop.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Understand how to shape wood to achieve long distance flight
Aim 2
The safe use of a knife and other tools to shape a wing
Aim 3
How to fit the kylie within a progression of technologies used by hunters
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Ticket nameCarve a Kylie
InformationMaterials; delegates are required to pay a cost of £10 to cover the materials used
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FSA, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 4AB
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