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Collective Wellbeing for Planet & People

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A summary
Wayapa Wuurrk (Earth Connection) is an Internationally accredited Mindfulness & Movement modality. It focuses on EARTH, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT Wellness. It's intergenerational and available to anyone of any age to their ability. Wayapa can be practiced seated, standed or lying and uses a Nature narrative to Connect 14 Natural elements within the web of life. This reinforces that we are Nature and there is no disconnection. Each of the 14 elements is then embodied with a movement sequence within the practice. Everyone can participate in Wayapa to their ability seated or standing. It offers a uniquely personal & meaningful Connection to Nature for everyone of every age. Regular practice of the movements improves physical health and also creates muscle memory enabling people to become independent utilising Wayapa for their own personal wellbeing. Nature Connection is proven to benefit our mental health and also the wellbeing of Our Earth. This is known as Collective Wellbeing within Indigenous cultures. "We can't be well if Our Mother Earth is Sick." Jamie Marloo Thomas (Co-Creator Wayapa Wuurrk). This common sense but profound philosophy is at the heart of Wayapa, which can become as deep a dive as you'd like it to be. In this introductory session we will offer an Acknowledgement to the traditional custodians of Our Earth, and the elements of Nature that nurture and support our lives. I will share the Wayapa narrative with you, with the help of my wonderful message stick (pictured above) and there will time to experience both the movement and Mindfulness practice in the session. Our Wayapa family also has the Gratitude Prayer (song) which I'd like to share with you too so you can pass it on. I'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions how we can share Wayapa here. It's our wish for Wayapa to flourish to benefit our collective wellbeing and that of future generations. "Earth Protection = Nature Connection!" D Mace, Wayapa Wuurrker & Occupational Therapist.
About your mentors
4 Pachamama CIC
Collective Wellbeing for Planet & People
4 Pachamama CIC is the home of Wayapa Wuurrk® on our continent. It means Connect to the Earth in the languages of the First Australians. Wayapa is an internationally accredited EARTH, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT Wellness modality. It is intergenerational and available to anyone of any age to their ability through Mindfulness or Movement (seated or standing). It is holistic and inclusive. It offers the opportunity of Collective Wellbeing which is the wellbeing of Planet & People. Encouraging empowerment, unlimited meaningful conversations about Nature Connection alongside physical and mental health benefits. Wayapa Wuurrk focuses on a narrative of 14 Natural elements to illustrate our interconnectedness as Nature with the web of life. It respectfully appreciates our place as Nature living regeneratively with Nature and honours sacred Indigenous wisdom without teaching culture. Wayapa is a gift from the Co- creators Jamie Marloo Thomas, Sara Jones, woven with the wisdom of First Australian elders. There is much we can learn from the oldest living culture on Earth, if we slow down enough to actively listen! Wayapa has been created in Australia to share with everyone now. We’d love Wayapa to become meaningfully integrated across the globe. There are numerous physical and mental health benefits to regularly practicing Wayapa for 15 -20 minutes each day. Repetition of the movement sequence builds motor memory, increases muscle strength and range of movement, improves immune system function, balance and coordination. Attention and sleep also improve while stress is reduced through the meditative and Mindfulness practices of Nature Connection. Particularly noticing Nature, which is known to benefit our health, particularly our mental health. Wayapa offers a practical way to engage and enhance our Nature Connection for us at any age and ability. As a Wayapa Wuurrker and an Occupational Therapist (OT) I truly value the holistic and inclusive wellbeing benefits I experience from my daily Wayapa practice. I worked as an OT in our UK mental health NHS services for 18 years before my adventure began with our Nature based social enterprise. It is a privilege to share Wayapa at the Forest School Association annual conference. Wayapa offers movement, Mindfulness and meaningful Intergenerational discussions connecting us with Nature as Nature regenerating our Collective Wellbeing. There is no place for ego or judgement with Wayapa. We are all on our individual journey in life, doing the best we can with the knowledge and skills we have available to us. Wayapa offers us a truly Magical lens to view Nature, our environment, our relationships with each other and our Collective Wellbeing! The opportunities are limitless. A focus of Collective Wellbeing for Planet and People benefits all life on Earth for generations to come. Please join me and allow me to introduce this to you now.
Nic Harding
Project's Officer at FSA
As the Project Officer, I'm pleased to be organising the annual Forest School Association Conference. I am appearing as a Mentor on each workshop to give me oversight and allow me to help out on the day, I may not actually be on your workshop.
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Learning aims
Aim 1
Appreciate Wayapa Wuurrk (Earth Connection) as a Movement & Mindfulness modality to benefit our Nature Connection and the Collective Wellbeing of Planet & People.
Aim 3
Experience Wayapa Wuurrk Movement practice (seated or standing)
Aim 5
Offer suggestions how Wayapa can grow here in the Uk to encourage Nature Connection.
Aim 7
Express an interest in becoming a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner. As the conduit I'd love to share this across our European Continent now.
Aim 2
Experience Wayapa Wuurrk Mindfulness
Aim 4
Feel more confident acknowledging the traditional custodians of our Earth.
Aim 6
Create meaningful connections and collaborations for the future.
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