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Make the Most of Your Meat (Butchery Workshop and tour of Organic Beef & Sheep Farm)

Mentored by

Jayne and Michael Duveen

Sustainable independent farmers

Location address: Chelwood Gate, TN22 3RR
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For ages: 18+ years

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Standard £95
Next date: None - message Mentor to express interest
We will meet at 8:30am in our comfortable barn, situated in a stunning location on top of a hill, overlooking the South Downs. Michael will take you out to walk the land and explain his sustainable approach to farming and his impetus behind it. At 9:30am you will return to the barn for pastries and fresh Monmouth coffee. You will then be taken to Hillsdown Farm, a neighbouring organic farm, where you will step into the butchery, don your butchery apron, roll up your sleeves and be taught how to prepare cuts of meat under the tutelage of Peter Martyn-Smith - a butcher with over 30 years experience. A light lunch is provided back at the barn. There will be opportunity for questions and sharing of recipes put together by the Round Table Cookery School, to make the most of the different cuts you will have learnt about. Here there will be the opportunity to purchase pre-prepared cuts of organic, biodynamic meat you wish to take home with you. NB September 28th we will be teaching lamb butchery October 19th and November 2nd we will be teaching beef butchery
About your mentor
Jayne and Michael Duveen
Sustainable independent farmers
Michael trained as a land-agent and saw the demise of the small farmer and the farming traditions that they had upheld for generations due to the encouragement from the EU to produce cheap food. He was concerned by the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides on the land and the increased animal herd and flock sizes. Farming was moving away from agri-culture to agri-business. As a result of seeing this change Michael put his hand to the plough and has spent his life farming using sustainable farming methods. Jayne comes from a long line of farmers. Her family's farm was a small dairy farm. When studying agriculture Jayne visited friends farms that were vast. All the hedges had been removed. The cattle sheds were empty. There were no crop rotations. Cereals were grown year in year out. Every year she joined friends on their enormous tractors that had booms that spread over a long distance spraying the crops copious times with herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. Each year she saw the yields drop and the pests and weeds became immune to the herbicides and pesticides. More and more herbicides and pesticides had to be used. Also being concerned by what she saw and experienced Jayne set to and assisted small, traditional farmers in marketing their produce. She also wanted to see more people have a direct link with the food they eat and set up a number of farm shops. During this time she came across a farmer selling organic, raw Guernsey milk. He gave her some of his old-breed organic strawberries along with his organic, unpasteurised Guernsey cream. She tasted them and never looked back. Ever since she has wanted to give people the opportunity to share the same experience by having access to good food.
Learning aims
Aim 1
You will have confidence in preparing different cuts of meat
Aim 2
You will have practical insights into organic and biodynamic approaches to farming
Aim 3
You will have serving suggestions for the meat you have been working with
Pricing information
Ticket nameStandard
Where we'll be
Colin Godman's Farm, Perryman's Lane, Chelwood Gate, East Sussex, TN22 3RR
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Public Liability Insurance
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First Aid Kit
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