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Watching the Sky: Winter Constellations

Mentored by

Elaine Eichner

Astronomer, physicist, writer

Location address: Ashurst Wood, RH19 3RX
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For ages: 8 - 11 years

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Standard £40
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From the earliest of times, people have looked up at the sky in wonder, and have tried to make sense of what they see there. During these sessions, we will follow in their footsteps, using a mixture of stories, role-play, drawing, observation, and reasoning to become better acquainted with what we see in the sky. We will improve our understanding of the movements and processes we observe, while keeping that sense of awe and wonder. This block of sessions will focus on the stars that we can see in the sky in winter. We will begin to understand the patterns that peoples have made by joining groups of stars together, and to learn the stories associated with the winter constellations. This experience is complete in itself, but I hold other experiences in the Watching the Sky series, each focussing on different objects in the sky and the stories and characters associated with them. Children can therefore take more than one block of sessions, and build up a deeper understanding of this fascinating subject. Blocks can be taken in any order.
About your mentor
Elaine Eichner
Astronomer, physicist, writer
As well as a maths/physics degree, I have long been passionate about astronomy, and about how different civilisations have interpreted the roles of the bodies in the sky. I have taught, lectured, and written articles about this and related subjects.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To begin to understand why the stars in the night sky were imaged in groups, and to learn how different cultures assembled those groups.
Aim 3
To start learning about star formation and about the different types of star we can see in the night sky.
Aim 2
To recognise some of the constellations that dominate the winter night sky above this part of the world, and to learn some of the stories told to explain them or enhance their identification.
Aim 4
To understand why stars appear to move across the sky over the course of the night, and why different constellations are visible at different times of year.
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Ticket nameStandard
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Hammerwood Road, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex, RH19 3RX
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