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Breathe, Connect, Restore. A space for Teachers

Mentored by Rowena Gerrett
Location address: Brighton, BN1 9PZ
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For ages: 18+ years

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Standard £35
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Youve made your way through the tough winter months and we're emerging into spring. At this solstice time of seasonal change, it's a perfect opportunity to check in with yourself, replenish your resources and look forwards. Our day will:- - create space to connect and check in with your academic year so far in a holistic way - enable you to explore the obstacles that have arisen and how you can support yourself and those around you. - provide tools for re-connecting and re-assessing if you reach points of feeling trapped on the hamster wheel, mid-term - combine strategy and intuition - provide accountability opportunities - combine opportunities for nature- and body-connection with coaching techniques - provide strategies for balancing ambition with 'being okay' with what you're doing - help create a personal practice for you to return to, as the year feels like it whizzes by ------ An opportunity to step away from the demands and pace of modern, everyday life and create t...

Rowena Gerrett
I know exactly how it feels to be doing a job that you are passionate about, fantastic at, yet demands so much of you. I understand how it can feel to lose sight of your ‘why’ and your life balance. I’m in a privileged position to work with teachers: I’ve taught full time, working endless hours in a profession that I loved; worked part-time alongside my other ventures; taught overseas; mentored teachers and education professionals. I know how it feels to not have the mental or emotional capacity to listen to yourself or to process your thoughts and needs properly, with compassion and congruence. I’m here to help you re-gain balance, to help you re-gain your why. I will help you to re-gain your identity and examine how that fits within your profession. I will hold a safe, calm space to help you to reconnect with yourself. I understand that you can’t pour from an empty cup. I've learned, through experience, success and failure that carving out spaces like this for yourself is for everyone’s benefit. You are a better practitioner when you are balanced. I have no attachment to the outcome – this is about you – other than helping you to navigate your way there. I do have attachment to creating opportunities for everybody to be kind to themselves, to value themselves, to identify and play to their strengths, to achieve their goals - including people doing one of the most difficult jobs in the world ----- I am a secondary school teacher with more than a decade of experience. I am a qualified coach, trainer and outdoors leader.

Learning aims

Shape a regular personal practice that enables self-connection, resilience and balance

Strengths to develop

Breath work Use of body for confidence and calm Growth of awareness of connection between body and natural surroundings Awareness of nervous system and actions for calm and control

What's provided




Enhanced DBS

Risk Assessment

Public Liability Insurance

Safeguarding Training

First Aid Training

First Aid Kit

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Please note, it is the responsibility of the booker to satisfy themselves about the adequacy of the safety measures. This platform is merely an introducer and does not verify the items listed here.

we'll be

Stanmer Park, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9PZ

Pricing information

Ticket: Standard £35

Pricing information


My experience is an educational activity and the 14-day cooling-off period under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 therefore applies. After the 14 day period my standard policy will apply.

No refunds are given except in the case of a cancellation by the Mentor.


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