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Wolf Pack 2022

Adventurous programme for boys 13-15 years

Mentored by Chris PackeMentor summary: Wild guide
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Chris Packe
Location address: Scaynes Hill, RH17 7NP
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For ages: 13 - 15 years

Available tickets:
Standard £1100
Next date: Saturday 10th Sep,


***ONLY 1 PLACE REMAINING*** The challenging and popular Wolf Pack returns again in 2022 for a new group of adventurous young men. Wolf Pack is a year's journey for a tribe of boys becoming men, aged 13-15 years. They take place during half terms and school holidays through the seasons, in Sussex woodland and in some of England's finest wild environments. Risk, challenges and meaningful shared experience in the warm company of strong role models and fellow adventurers are vitally important for young people, to discover their huge capabilities, what they might stand for, and to develop a deep-seated self-reliance. Security is important for boys but its layers must be carefully removed in order for the young men to emerge. Yet the availability and encouragement of such experiences may often be limited, or crowded out by digital influences. Wolf Pack exists to facilitate deep encounters, learning through experiences in the natural world at the edge of comfort and ability, where the ma...

Chris Packe·Wild guide
At the heart of this project is my desire for young people to experience freedom and the transformation that comes from it: the freedom that comes from a young man discovering his own power, shaking off imagined or unchallenged restraints, and making up his own rules about who he is and how he chooses to face the world as a man. I have been a bushcraft instructor for 6 years now (for 15 years I was an investment banker in London), and I am a qualified hillwalking guide. I am also engaged in mentoring, coaching and guiding, both adults and children. I have convened a consistent men's fire circle in the woods for over 6 years, I own a wood where I carry out small woodland management projects, I'm part of a sketch comedy troupe, and I often write, cartoon... even make rap songs. I have hiked all my life and spent many years mountaineering before having children and shifting my time in nature to the more easily accessible woods. Whatever the landscape, I have built up a massive respect for the powerful medicine contained in expedition-type journeys, and the glorious, valiant struggle they often serve up. Wolf Pack allows me to blend all of these influences into this deep, sustained offering.

Some testimonials

There's lots of feedback, so read as many or few as you wish!! "Wolf Pack meant I was getting to be friends with people I wouldn’t normally be friends with, seeing people differently and understanding everyone is interesting in their own way. I got to see parts of England that if I saw a photo of, I wouldn’t think was England. Coming away from the challenge of being away from society, social media and stress, I felt more relaxed, calm and concentrated." Louis, participant, 2021 "Wolf Pack doesn’t talk down to the kids, it packs a punch and offered exciting opportunities which inspired my son without question. No hand holding here or safety nets, in the eyes of my son this was the real deal. We witnessed a remarkable change in our son. Liberated from the pressures of phone use and social media, he was fuelled by good, hearty conversations, fresh air and challenge. Wolf Pack appealed to my son because a genuine mutual respect existed within the entire group. There is an authenticit...

Learning aims

Wolf Pack does not seek to prescribe any learning outcomes; there are broad aims which meet each individual differently, and these are usually best approached sideways

Strengths to develop

The whole programme involves courting risk in physically challenging situations. Heat, cold, wind, rain, heavy loads, hills, darkness, hunger will all be safely encountered. The range of activities will require arms, legs, shoulders, fingertips and the brain muscle to be stretched and worked. None of this is ever a test of prowess, mind you.

What's provided





Enhanced DBS

Risk Assessment

Public Liability Insurance

First Aid Training

First Aid Kit

Please note

Please note, it is the responsibility of the booker to satisfy themselves about the adequacy of the safety measures. This platform is merely an introducer and does not verify the items listed here.

we'll be

Wapsbourne Wood, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex, RH17 7NP

Pricing information

Ticket: Standard £1100

Pricing information


My experience consists of a leisure activity, on a specific date(s), and therefore the 14-day ‘cooling off period’ under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 does not apply.

No refunds are given except in the case of a cancellation by the Mentor.

Wolf Pack demands a high level of commitment from the organisers, and therefore a reciprocal level of commitment from families sending their son to join. We form a tribe and journey through the 5 experiences as a cohesive group. Absences or mid-programme cancellations are highly disruptive to the group, due to the strong bonds formed. Once the programme starts, no new participants are able to join, and so the ability to provide refunds for cancellations is limited. The £400 deposit on booking is not refundable. But if a participant decides after the first camp that, for good reason, he does not want to continue, then any money paid except the deposit will be refunded. Beyond this, there can be no further refunds. In order to avert this situation, I will meet / speak / Skype with parents and son, to ensure that the time is indeed right, and the intention strong and clear, to participate in this programme. After booking, I will send you additional documents including terms of participation (various acknowledgements and understandings around how we will operate), along with brief questionnaires around health and intention. Detailed event information will be circulated in good time ahead of each event.


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