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Pro Touch SA- Bromley Winter HAF Camp

Join the fun @ Harris Academy Beckenham Green

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Pro Touch SA CIC

Ash Rahman

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Location address: Beckenham, BR3 5JG
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For ages: 7 - 14 years

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Non eligible FSM Ticket £15 per sessionBromley Free FSM Ticket Free
Next date: Friday 22nd Dec,
Funded by Bromley London Borough Council
Universal holiday club
What we'll do
Our programme in Bromley will be held in Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green and will run 4 days, consisting of a fun-filled, action packed programme with an exciting opportunity for a fun, themed day out. For ages 7 - 14. Requirements (1) This programme is free for all participants on benefit related Free School Meals You must provide proof that you are benefit related Free School Meals that you are benefit related Free School Meals To confirm that your child is eligible for our free HAF Winter programme, we will need proof of Eligibility, which can be scanned and emailed to us or txt or email over 07856 461 040   We accept the following documents as proof of eligibility:   a.      Housing Benefit b.      Working Families Tax Credits c.      Universal Credit payment page, dated within 3 months with value greater than £0 d.      Disability Living Allowance e.      Job Seekers allowance f.      Income Support Please ensure that your name and address is fully visible when sending us your documents.   If you are not eligible for the programme, you can still book paid non-FSM tickets, at some of the lowest rates across London. (2) You child must be 7 and above You must provide proof of age (3) Your child must live in London Borough of Bromley Your will be asked for proof of address The programme will consist of: Sports: Football, Dance, Basketball, Fencing, Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Benchball, Badminton, Tag-Rugby etc... Arts and crafts + engaging cultural Workshops: Painting, Drawing, Origami Cultural Workshops Cinema room (All films shown are age-appropriate Disney films or Animal Documentaries) Board Games Guess Who, Twister, Monopoly, Chess Fun Quizzes testing knowledge about sports and culture, Easter Egg Hunts etc... Healthy Eating Hot meals are provided with indoor and outdoor workshops to increase nutritional education Dates: Friday 22 December 2023 Wednesday 27 December 2023 Thursday 28 December 2023 Friday 29 December 2023 Requirements: If your child or anyone who has been in immediate contact with your child has exhibited symptoms or received a positive Covid-19 test result, please do not attend, and inform the Project Manager. Please ensure that your child is wearing appropriately warm/rainproof clothing that they are comfortable exercising in. If they intend on playing football, please have your child bring shin pads, otherwise, they will not be allowed to play. We would also recommend that they bring their own water bottle to every session, as well as any necessary, clearly labelled medication. (Inhalers, Epi-Pens, etc...) * All places will need to be booked in advance, if you turn up without booking, you may be turned away. If you book and you are unable to attend, please contact us before the session. Contact: Project Manager: Yvette Thomas Mobile: 07856461040 Email: Location: Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green, Saint George's Road, Beckenham, England, BR3 5JG This Programme is Funded by the Department for Education
About your mentors
Pro Touch SA CIC
Community Driven Elite Football Academy
WHO WE ARE Pro Touch SA is a registered Community interest Company born out of a desire to use the power of sport to encourage young Londoners unleash their potential. Established in 2006, Pro Touch SA delivers structured community sports and elite football programmes in over 11 London boroughs to young people aged 4-25 and as well as engaging with their families who require support and guidance. We started as a soccer academy offering opportunities to gifted and talented footballers but have evolved to providing healthy active lifestyle opportunities to young people, with everything from fitness to fencing and more. With rising cuts and closure to services, we see it as a responsibility to provide much-needed services around community, youth, and sports to engage with hard-to-reach children and young people in inner-city London. Alongside our community projects, we also run an Elite football academy, run by qualified coaches who have helped develop, mentor and guide over 40 plus young "gifted and talented" athletes aged between 9-25 years old signing schoolboy, scholarship, or professional contracts within professional football clubs in England. As a not-for-profit organisation, we re-invest all profit back into the programmes we operate across London.
Ash Rahman
Fun and inspiring youth and sports advocate
He has also gained a great understanding of management and sports media, with his work being covered by the BBC, ITV and commanding meetings with several high-profile personalities including former Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Paul Davis
SEND Lead Sports Coach
Passionate about supporting people with SEND
Yvette Thomas
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Learning aims
Aim 1
Self-esteem and confidence Activity camps provide children with the chance to explore various activities within an enjoyable and stress-free setting, leading to the potential discovery of hidden talents or abilities that can significantly enhance their self-esteem. Moreover, these camps help children develop a sense of confidence when confronting unfamiliar situations, reducing their apprehension towards change as they grow older. Our activity camps create an atmosphere of healthy competition, enabling children to cultivate resilience, a valuable attribute that will assist them in overcoming future challenges with greater ease. Undoubtedly, fostering these skills during their formative years will prove beneficial in preparing them for life's inevitable trials and obstacles.
Aim 3
New hobbies and experiences Kids camps present an exciting array of fresh hobbies and experiences for children to explore. At Pro Touch SA, our diverse range of activities encompasses everything from swimming and science to arts and crafts. With such a rich selection of options available, children have an excellent opportunity to discover activities they truly enjoy, and who knows, they might even ignite a passion for a new hobby that could last a lifetime.
Aim 5
Exercise In today's digital age, children have a plethora of sedentary entertainment options available to them. However, we are well aware that maintaining an active lifestyle can significantly benefit their long-term mental and physical well-being. That's precisely why activity camps like Barracudas play a vital role in instilling a lifelong habit of being active among all children At our school holiday camps, a variety of active games and activities are always on offer, and the best part is that your child doesn't need to be sporty to enjoy them. It's all about having fun, and we ensure that each child can participate in a way that feels comfortable to them, making exercise an enjoyable experience rather than a chore. As a parent, you'll be pleased to know that this increased physical activity will have additional benefits. With an active day at camp, your child is more likely to have a good night's sleep, making life easier for both them and you. At Barracudas, we emphasize the importance of staying active and having fun, creating an environment that nurtures both physical and mental well-being.
Aim 2
Social skills Are honed through the shared experiences at activity camps, leading to the establishment of enduring friendships among many children. Additionally, these camps offer an opportunity for your child to interact with a diverse group of individuals beyond their usual school circle, which plays a pivotal role in bolstering their self-assurance when meeting new people. Acquiring the ability to mix and engage with different individuals is a crucial life skill that is often easier to develop during one's younger years. Even if your child tends to be reserved or shy, there's no need to hesitate about sending them to an activity camp. We have witnessed children of all personality types thoroughly enjoying their time with us. Our dedicated staff understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each child, ensuring that every effort is made to ensure your child feels welcome and settles in comfortably.
Aim 4
Outdoors When weather permits, there's nothing quite like venturing outdoors, as it brings with it a multitude of mental and physical health benefits. Surprisingly, research suggests that the increase in allergies among children may partially result from a lack of contact with nature. For those residing in urban areas, activity camps provide a rare opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. Nature possesses the remarkable ability to ignite children's innate curiosity, unveiling the wonders of the world before their eyes. They need not embark on a grand expedition akin to David Attenborough's to be enthralled by the natural world. Even simple encounters with little creatures on a nature trail can evoke a sense of adventure and excitement when experienced at a young age.
Aim 6
At Pro Touch SA, our main goal is to create a summer filled with incredible fun, leaving children eagerly anticipating their next visit. With a focus on catering to children's needs and desires, our holiday camps are thoughtfully designed, from the exciting range of activities to the top-notch facilities and our dedicated and passionate staff. Nothing is left to chance. Witnessing children embrace new activities, forge friendships, acquire valuable skills, and enhance their confidence during their time with us brings us immense joy. We take pride in providing a memorable and enriching experience for children during their school holidays.
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Ticket nameNon eligible FSM Ticket
Ticket nameBromley Free FSM Ticket
Where we'll be
Harris Primary Academy Beckenham Green, Saint George's Road, Beckenham, Greater London, BR3 5JG
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Basic DBS
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Public Liability Insurance
Safeguarding Training
First Aid Training
First Aid Kit
Smoke Detector

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Free bookings do not require refunds but as places are limited, please cancel if you cannot attend so that your place can be offered to someone else.

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