Doodle Cafe : Art for Mental Health

A 4 week Intuitive Art course for wellbeing

Mentored by

Vikki Parker

Dancing the Universe into Image for Healing

Location address: Brighton, BN21TR
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For ages: 18+ years

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Offer your wellbeing questions up to the transformational potential of the doodling space, gain insight and clarity from your inner wisdom. Calling all proactive wellbeing seekers looking for support, community & insight! Ask yourself this question:- What does Wellbeing look like for me? Do you think about your physical or mental health? Do you think about your finances, your family, your relationships? How would you know if you were WELL? Are you willing to explore how you could support yourself? Ever thought your Intuition or Creativity could support your wellbeing? Even if you think you're not creative? The Doodle Cafe is a unique and fun opportunity to engage in guided, mindful doodling: An experiential workshop to reduce stress, connect with the breath and the present moment, discover your own natural, playful creativity, reset your focus and connect with your intuition. Offer your wellbeing question up to the transformational potential of the doodling space and have a two-way conversation with your higher self / inner wisdom. Simple, focused questions like - What's the best next step I can take to feel calm? Allow your intuition to illustrate the whole picture behind your current block and access a multidimensional perspective from which to take grounded action and clarity. Your thinking mind may well have the answer, but there may be more to it than that. Multidimensional means from the body, the mind, the spirit, your energy and your higher self. Connecting with the breath is the simplest way to reconnect with your body. We spend a lot of time in our heads, over-thinking and trying to keep up with the pace of life and technology. We can also spend a lot of time avoiding how we feel. But in the end it can catch up with us through stress or illness. Learn simple, fun ways into feeling grounded and more positive, nurturing self-acceptance and finding safe ways into some creative inner exploration. Doodling is the gateway. Fears about drawing usually centre around perceived level of artistic skill. Doodling bypasses this. A doodle just is what it is. No expectations. Be free, be expressive, have fun. We are not here to make art, were here to use it to find solutions. Lets face it, unhelpful thoughts on a loop take you down a rabbit hole. I know, Ive been there. Expand your trust in your inner wisdom that speaks from a place that is less cluttered or hostile. Find a friendly, grounded trust from deeper within from a place that likes you, cheers your growth simply because you exist, with no judgement. The only way to put your 'whole self' in your decisions is to know who you are, how you tick, what youll accept and where youre at right now, in this moment. In order to know that you have to listen. The mindful doodling space gives you permission to listen, observe, contain and focus your energy, reset your nervous system, relax & breathe deeply, meet blocks and thoughts with kindness and allow a multidimensional clarity so that when you get a YES to a way forward, its a full, grounded, trusted YES! Do you need that at the moment? I'm not a health coach or a doctor, and I don't have answers to your medication or symptom questions, but I am an expert in intuition and a huge advocate for showing you how to connect to the best coach you'll ever need- YOU! I have my own personal healing journey experience and a dedicated practice of meditation, trauma release and supporting myself emotionally through connection to higher self intuition and creative process Come along to this beta phase workshop, invest £5 to honour the energy exchange, try it out and contribute your feedback to this exciting approach to wellbeing solutions. The intention is deep but the method is light. 12 spaces maximum. Ticketed event. No drop-ins Your host: Vikki is a unique combination of gentle space holder, playful creative and razor-sharp insight. Combining her experience as an empath / intuitive, artist, ex-teacher (16 years!) and entrepreneur, she has developed her own approach to achieving clarity and next- step insight using the art of doodling. Doodle Cafe has been championed by the London Arts in Health Forum for training GPs and health professionals to introduce the value of arts in health, workplace wellbeing and personal autonomy in health provision. The method invites any type of question that requires insight. The doodling is the key to the door.
About your mentor
Vikki Parker
Dancing the Universe into Image for Healing
I am an Intuitive Artist, Writer and Speaker who weaves my personal experiences, creativity and natural spiritual gifts into a narrative of mental health advocacy. I am a unique combination of gentle space holder, playful creative and razor-sharp insight. Combining my experience as an empath / intuitive, artist, ex-teacher (16 years!) and entrepreneur, I have developed my own approach to achieving clarity and next- step insight using the art of doodling. As the founder of Soul Sofa & Doodle Cafe and the curator of the Brighton Creativity & Wellbeing Week, I am committed to community & workplace wellbeing by providing opportunities to engage in and witness the arts, in order to help people nurture their relationship with themselves and the world they inhabit. Every strand of my work aims to plant the seed of proactive self-enquiry, building resilience through creativity and harnessing the possibility of self-acceptance and wellbeing through self-love. For the last 10 months I’ve been fully committed to trusting my intuition in my own drawing practice and in allowing my business to take shape and unfold organically. It’s time I shared my intuitive and critical thinking skills. All I can do is to create space for it, hold space for it and show up to see what comes. Which is exactly my invitation to you. Soul Sofa & Doodle Cafe were both born out of deep listening to myself. Neither concept came from my thinking mind. Both came from a deep connection to how I wanted to be in this world. Creative, connected, compassionate and in-charge of my own decisions, on everything.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To develop trust in self-expression
Aim 2
To regulate emotional experience
Aim 3
To explore your own inner wisdom
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5 Alric House, 35 Marine Parade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN21TR
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