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Deep nature connection camp

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Sacred Earth
Location address: Horam, TN21 9HJ
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For ages: 9 - 18+ years

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Full price camp £375Concession camp £325Adult day ticket £75 per session +2 more
Next date: Wednesday 31st May,

A summary

This is the third 'drop-in' camp on The Phoenix Journey, an exciting new Sacred Earth adventure. The full journey is a unique, year-long quest; blending shamanic practitioner training, nature-based mentoring and cultural regeneration. It will support you to find your own sense of place, purpose and belonging. Some of the things you’ll gain, experience and learn over the course of the year: - Powerful shamanic practices and processing. - Advanced nature connection practices. - Deep sensory awareness skills. - Cultural regeneration practices. - Advanced interspecies communication. - Direct experiential learning and practice. - Deep mentoring and facilitation skills - Supportive learning on connection modelling and cultural mentoring. - Life teachings from ancient wisdom traditions. - Practices that draw out your unique gifts and talents. - Focus and alignment towards your personal goals. This is a five-day, intergenerational camp focusing on deep nature connection and inter-species c...

Jacqueline Buckingham·Animal Communicator and Healer
I began communicating with animals and trees at a young age, having been blessed to grow up on a farm in East Sussex. The woods and fields were my playground, and the animals and plants were my playmates. Fast-forward 30 years and I found myself in Australia, learning the nature-connected ways of the aboriginal elders and joining their ceremonies. Ten years later I was back in the UK living at Findhorn, the world's oldest spiritual community, attracted by their foundational principle of 'co-creation with the intelligence of nature'. It was the first time I'd heard a mainstream European organisation speaking of the intelligence of nature. I was hooked! A couple of years later I found myself working alongside animal communicator Anna Breytenbach, and 8shields founder Jon Young, and my current path opened up. I began working full time as an animal communicator and teacher in 2018, and began by leading an animal communication safari in Namibia at Anna's request. I have had a blessed life, with many opportunities laid in my path. Since my time living at Findhorn, my work has continued to retain a strong spiritual thread, placing our experiences within the context of a greater wisdom and universal intelligence that connects all things.
Sacred Earth·Nature educator & environmentalist
Hello, I'm Phil Greenwood. I am the founder of Sacred Earth. I'm a former Royal Marine Commando but have spent the last 20 years working with young people in outdoor education and taking adults on deep nature connection journeys. I'm an experienced group facilitator, mentor and naturalist. I have studied, practiced and taught advanced shamanic and connection practices from both the British Isles and other indigenous cultures around the world. I'm also part of the global 8 Shields nature mentoring movement. I strongly believe that people need nature based rites-of-passage programmes to help them find their place in the world. At Sacred Earth we aim to do just that. Our courses and programmes help people develop their social and emotional intelligence through a range of experiential learning programmes, which can be tailored to and delivered at a site of your choice. We encourage creativity, community, ingenuity and a deep connection with the natural world.
Leo Rutherford·Shamanic guide
I feel like I have lived two lives! The first ten years for me included rigid boarding school, national service and engineering training followed by various awful jobs leading up to the opportunity to run a small manufacturing company, which I did for twelve years. While the first ten years of this were a great experience, even though very challenging, accumulated stress led me to a mid-life crisis of depression and a dire gut wrenching need to a make much greater sense of life. I was able to take my life apart and start over a second time. I got involved in the burgeoning Alternative Movement of the 1970’s and after a while found my way to San Francisco, that great melting pot of new ideas, new thinking and experiments in human evolution. There I enrolled in the Fischer-Hoffman Process (now Hoffman Process) which helped me no end with left over childhood issues. I re-learned to dance my body with Gabrielle Roth and took part in her first ever training in 1982, I joined the unique Holistic Psychology MA programme at Antioch University where I learned loads and also came across the ancient wisdom of the Native American people. I gradually came to realise that their psychology, ecology and spiritual understanding is far superior to anything in our world and I have followed this ancient wisdom ever since. As I have got older, so I have become younger! It is my great joy to pass on to others through these workshops, some of the experience and knowledge that has helped me to transform my life. A process that goes on and on…

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Small private road opposite Cowden Hall Lane, Horebeech Lane, Horam, East Sussex, TN21 9HJ

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Ticket: Full price camp £375
Ticket: Concession camp £325
Ticket: Adult day ticket £75Ticket description: 9.30am-5.30pm including lunch

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