Beltane Journey Day

Nourishment and inspiration for humans

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Jenny Archard @ Woodland Journeys

Wilderness guide, facilitator, ceremonialist

Location address: Taunton, TA3 5AZ
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PLEASE NOTE TIMES ARE 10.30-4.30PM. ‘The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom' Anais Nin Our Beltane gathering is a little early to coincide with St Georges day, a potent time in the yearly calendar that neatly brings in the energy of dragons. Together we will explore what this day really means by inviting our dragons to join us and by listening to what they have to say. It is a testing time, the energies are strong, fierce and uncompromising just like them, how can we work alongside these forces in a co creative relationship, without killing them off…even the phrase harnessing is too much like control over ! We plan to play, a wonderful way to learn, it might be messy and there might be tears and falling-out… but in this things can burst and sprout, shift, grow and blossom . It is a potent time to be with others to share our stories heard by a supportive circle of fellow seekers of a spirit led life. Dragons Nature will be our guide, and reciprocity part of our story. We will honour this time mark new growth , move our bodies, spend some solo time with nature/land/spirit and offer what gifts we have to the community and the land. ​ We will evoke and attune with the energies of the time, of the cusp between East and South Shields discovering gifts that can come from knowing ourselves here. To do this we will touch lightly on all the other shields, so that all are safe and ready for what learning and experience needs to emerge. Hot soup provide by us, bring something to share. Led by Jenny Archard, Jane Embleton and the land itself Cost: Min £55 (for those on lower incomes) Max £70 (for those on higher incomes) Maximum of 10 spaces ****************************************************************************************************** These Journey Days are about nourishment and inspiration for humans, held deep in the woods and with nature and spirit as our guide. We will do this by coming together in a compassionate, caring community: sitting in a circle, listening attentively, walking with nature, connecting with the seasons, the elementals and honouring the spirit of the place. These days can help you build ways of connecting and being, so that you can embody practices that will help both you and our wider community to flourish and thrive. The Four Shields work that stands behind the work of the School of Lost Borders - and others - will support what we do. Steven Foster and Meredith Little's book "The Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature" is a great source. Both Jenny and Jane have worked with Meredith Little. To become flourishing beings perhaps we need these four things: - The first, to be fully in our own circles - to know ourselves in a grounded and compassionate way, to know our joys and wounds. To know how to spend time alone, to be reflective, and not to get lost in the depths of our psyche. - Second, to be in relationship with other humans, to listen deeply and witness others' stories. To be in community, in good times and in through hard places. This helps us move beyond our own selves and draws something from us and at the same time it feeds another. - Third, to find ways to listen and attend to the beings that are not humans, the more-than-human - the creatures, plants, rocks, wind, sun and all the others, whom are our kin. - Fourth, to welcome and honour spirit, God, Goddess, nature - whatever you call the being(s) that moves through all things, that is greater-than-us. Each Journey day links with the seasons and festivals of the time. So these days are about bringing those four things together, and adding another magical ingredient. You!
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Jenny Archard @ Woodland Journeys
Wilderness guide, facilitator, ceremonialist
Social entrepreneur, group facilitator, forest school leader, trainer, wilderness guide, ceremonialist and outdoors woman. She lives in a small village in East Devon, UK, between the sea and the Blackdown Hills. Making relationship with place, being our authentic selves and co-creating with the more-than-human are core to her way in the world. ​In 2022 her focus is on stripping away the things that are not needed, so she can support thriving life.
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