Identifying Poisonous Plants, 27/2/23

Webinar - James Kendall, Woodland Classroom

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James Kendall (Woodland Classroom Ltd)

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A summary
If you're hosting activity sessions in wild spaces then this workshop is an essential guide to the most common hazardous plants that you need to know. You will also learn which poisonous plants have edible lookalikes, very handy if you want to be confident in foraging with your groups. Common questions on this subject include: "Can I confuse wild garlic with anything hazardous?"; "Are all red berries dangerous?"; and "I've heard parasol mushrooms give you an upset stomach, is this true?" As you can see, there's a lot of confusion out there. So, let James lay it to rest in this workshop, answering as many of these questions as he can. Although this is a serious subject it will also be fun, discovering the various and deadly ways that these plants have been used historically. But be warned...many of these deathly plants may already be taking root in your very own garden! THE WORKSHOP INCLUDES: * Identification of Commonly Found Poisonous Plants * Knowing Your Deadly Lookalikes * Discover the Folklore of Hazardous Herbs * Historical Uses for Poisonous Plants
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OxonBucksBerks local FSA group
FSA group for the three counties
A local group supporting each other through shared experiences and training for the benefit of local forest school leaders.
James Kendall (Woodland Classroom Ltd)
Bushcraft Instructor & Outdoor Educator
I am the Head Bushcraft Instructor and Forest School Leader at Woodland Classroom. I have been working in environmental education & conservation for over 10 years now. I received the Bushcraft Competency Certificate awarded through the Institute for Outdoor Learning after 2 years of teaching experience and practical study. Before setting up Woodland Classroom Ltd I was the Project Manager for Long Wood Community Woodland, the largest community-owned woodland in Wales, overseeing the management of 300 acres of broadleaf and conifer forest. I am also a former Director of Llais y Goedwig, the voice of community woodlands in Wales. My approach to teaching has always been with an emphasis on steering my students toward fostering a deeper connection with nature through understanding the landscape around us. Bushcraft skills are an effective way to do this as we learn about using natural materials and how we can live with the land, whilst also connecting with our own ancient past by seeing the land through the eyes of our ancestors. I have always had an affinity with woods, being at home amongst the trees, and I’ve made it my mission to study under some of the UK leaders in bushcraft, greenwood crafts and sustainable woodland management including; Dave Watson (Woodland Survival Crafts), Ben Law (woodsman, author, and eco-builder) Patrick Whitefield (permaculture teacher and author) and Mike Abbott (author and greenwood craftsman). My passions are reflected not only in my work but also in my own interests and hobbies which include; travelling, walking, wildlife and traditional greenwood crafts. I am also an experienced historical re-enactor with a passion for history, specialising in Iron Age and Viking age history. In 2010 I won the BTCV Green Hero Award in recognition for my work leading volunteers in environmental community projects. James is a member of the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practise Group. The group aims to promote best practice in the growing industry of bushcraft.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To be able to identify commonly found poisonous plants
Aim 3
To learn about the folklore of hazardous herbs.
Aim 2
To know your deadly lookalikes.
Aim 4
To learn about the historical uses for poisonous plants.
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