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Face challenges and handle mistakes.

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Location address: Heathfield, TN21 8RJ
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Ages: children 8 - 11 · adults 18+ years

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A summary
Please note that this is a four-day course, where each day the children will be able to build on the previous days learning. While we appreciate that you may not be able to attend one of the days, we encourage you to attend as many as possible to get the most out of our course! Learn how to face challenges, handle mistakes & develop a growth mindset. Fun and fast paced learning! There will be a mixture of games, challenges, stories and activities all delivered by our Role Models who are experienced with working with this age range of children. There will be breaks built into the structure of the day including a 60-minute play during the catered lunch break. Our courses are built on these three elements: Active learning, Ambitious content, Serious fun!
About your mentors
Role Models
Mentors who really care
All our courses are run in small groups. This ensures our Role Model can get to know each child individually. To help with this, before the course begins, we ask you to answer a few questions about your child and any specific needs they might have. We will also ask about food allergies, medical conditions and any additional needs that our Role Model needs to know about. It will only take a minute or two, and it ensures our Role Model has all the information they need to ensure your child has the best experience possible.
Olivia Dorman
Fun-loving creative & explorer
Hi, I'm Olivia! One of the things that has shaped me in who I am today is my enthusiasm and keen interest for exploring and understanding the mind and the way it works. I have delved into books, podcasts and so many realms of how to develop as a person and build more solidified confidence, resilience and the huge value in a growth mindset, whilst embracing my highly empathetic nature. I am so inspired the way children are so curious and inquisitive about the world, so innately kind and compassionate and if we can nurture all these wonderful qualities whilst also building on core life skills, we can know what a positive impact it will have on them and therefore the positive impact they will have on the world. I love to use fun drama games in an educational way from my experience as a drama coach at a theatre club and as a performing arts graduate and I've seen it work so well in not just for performing but for generally building confidence, leadership and collaboration and listening skills. In my spare time I love to read, travel, exploring new food, cultures and scenery. I love to cook, spend time in nature and on walks with my dogs and spending time with my rambunctious three year old nephew!
Violet Bennett
Storyteller, explorer and memory collector.
I have always been interested in stories. Not just the stories themselves, but why we tell them, how we do it and perhaps most of all, how powerful a good story can be in the right mind. As a teacher, I firmly believe that my role is not to deposit knowledge in the minds of my students, but to facilitate students' exploration and development of knowledge as a story we learn and continue to write ourselves. The focus is not just on learning more, but learning how to learn and pass that knowledge on to others, keeping the story alive. Whatever students bring to the classroom, whether it be a passion or a set of experiences, will be valued and cherished just as much as the knowledge they leave the classroom with at the end of the day. I spend a great deal of time out in the wild with my dog Rocky and my camera, foraging for food and finding places for us to swim. I have gained just as much knowledge from the wilderness as I have in the 7 years I have spent in higher education and bring this learning to my teaching practice.
Our content
Our courses have been written by our Character Education team who are highly qualified educators with over 24 years of teaching experience. Our content emphasises the importance of developing essential key life skills alongside academic attainment, in order to thrive in life. Each day the role model will email you a summary, describing what was covered so you can discuss it with your child. They may also include photos of your child taking part in the activities (if consent has been given). At the end of the course you'll receive a set of top-tips on how you can support the development of life skills at home. Your child will receive a branded official certificate to recognise completion of the course. You'll also receive a written report from the Role Model working with your child, highlighting their strengths and areas for further development.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Learn how to face challenges & handle mistakes
Aim 3
Let go of unhelpful, negative thoughts
Aim 2
Develop a willingness to try new things & take risks
Aim 4
Move away from fear of failure & perfectionism
What we'll do
Fun and fast paced learning! There will be a mixture of games, challenges, stories and activities all delivered by our Role Models who are experienced with working with this age range of children. There will be breaks built into the structure of the day including a 60 minute play during the catered lunch break. Helping your child to develop their resilience is one of the most effective ways to help them thrive at school, home and beyond. By developing a growth mindset, children can learn to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, embrace new experiences, challenges and persevere in areas that might not be their strengths. Understanding that intelligence and ability are not fixed and that mistakes can help us learn, can have a huge impact on the way a child approaches life.
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Heathfield Community College, Cade Street, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 8RJ
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