Creative Mind-Mapping

Workshop exploring ideas, values, solutions

Mentored by

Jessie Bee

Creative nature-lover, adventurer

Location address: Ovingdean, BN2 7BN
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Ages: 18+ years

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A summary
During this practical workshop, you will explore how Jessie's illustrative mind-mapping technique will help you consider what's important to your life at the moment, what your ideas and options are, and what actions will take you towards your goals and aspirations. Designed for anyone who's keen to explore their values and options in any setting; perhaps you're looking at your health, your business or work life, or how you spend your time? Perhaps you're working with grief or sadness, or are considering options around your career or relationships, or just feeling a bit overwhelmed or stuck and want some solutions or paths forwards. Or perhaps you're just curious. You'll go home with your own personalised map and some inspiration, as well as renewed energy and focus.
About your mentor
Jessie Bee
Creative nature-lover, adventurer
I first discovered illustrative mind-mapping many years ago at school, when revising for exams: adding pictures to words seemed to be a powerful tool for memory. I then started to use these tools whenever I felt a bit 'stuck' in life, or wanted to work through an issue or a problem; it helped me to sort through ideas, prioritise and come up with solutions. I found the technique powerful and effective. After many years, I have developed more detailed, illustrative and colourful 'maps' to help me explore my values, what's important to me and to think about what actions I can take to get me closer to fulfilling aspirations, dreams and ideas. I've used this method to help me through illness and grief, explore my values, through creating and developing a successful therapy business, and also to explore how I want to use my time, what adventures I'd like to go on, and the people and projects that are important to me. I've then pinned these 'drawings' to my wall and used them to guide and focus me as I take my actions and next steps. I have spoken about my method and taught many people how to explore what's important to them and to put it down creatively on paper. I am an experienced physiotherapist and have also used these methods in my therapy sessions with people who are looking to improve their health or come up with their own personalised wellbeing plan.
What we'll do
First, you'll hear about how I've used illustrative mind-mapping in my own life, and I will take you through a little tour of some of my own maps. I will explain the main components of the maps, and give pointers as to how to start, and what to consider as you create your own. You'll then have an opportunity to think about what's important to you at the moment, and start putting some things on paper. You'll use shapes, words, drawings and colour to help shape your own personal map that you'll take home with you. You'll have an opportunity to explore your values, sayings and quotes that inspire you, and possible actions you might consider to take you towards your goals, aspirations and dreams. We will have a tea + coffee break and have a slice of something yummy before taking more time to complete your maps. I will work closely with you in a small group and individually to offer any guidance, help you if you feel stuck and give you personalised ideas and suggestions as you explore different art materials and designs. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a drawing class! You don't need to know anything about 'art' or drawing, and you don't need to bring anything apart from yourself and an openness to explore your life.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To explore what's important in your life right now
Aim 2
To learn how illustrative mind-mapping can help clarify your next steps
Aim 3
To create a diagram to take away to inspire you
What to bring
There will be different materials supplied including pencils, pastels, paper, stickers, watercolours and pens. You don't need to bring anything, but you are also welcome to bring any art supplies if you have favourites you'd like to use. A favourite black pen (preferably permanent ink eg UniBall) is useful not essential.
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Where we'll be
Longhill Road, Ovingdean, East Sussex, BN2 7BN
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