Is Philosophy Real?

Finding out how to think, and why

Mentored by

Martin Schmandt

Artist, poet, teacher

Location address: Ashurstwood, RH19 3SD
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For ages: 14 - 15 years years

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What we'll do
This is part one of a two-part offering. The whole course starts from Ancient Greek Philosophers and moves to contemporary currents of thought. We will examine what other brilliant minds have thought about reality and hone what we think about it. Themes include how what we see relates to what's really there, what we might mean by "really," first principles, the uses and limitations of logical thinking, how we can know what we know (epistemology), theoretical and practical ethics, objectivity and subjectivity, the relations of philosophy to science and to spirituality. Each 90-minute session includes an introduction to the theme, experiential learning, discussion and writing notes to document the learner's individual journey.
About your mentor
Martin Schmandt
Artist, poet, teacher
Martin has had a lifelong interest in exploring the interplay of different layers of reality, through study, contemplative observation, writing, making art, and living. He studied philosophy at Drake University and has 40 years of teaching experience in various disciplines. He is very involved with the home education community.
Learning aims
Aim 1
To recognise sound and unsound logic.
Aim 3
To articulate issues relating to how reliable perception and thinking might or might not be.
Aim 5
To consider consequences of a way of perceiving and thinking and the question of personal responsibility for an outlook.
Aim 2
To recognise what premises or assumptions a thinker is working from.
Aim 4
To cultivate an ethical code based on first principles.
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Highways, Cansiron Lane, Ashurstwood, West Sussex, RH19 3SD
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