Feral Fathers, Dangerous Daughters 2024

A wild woodland weekend for dads & daughters

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Chris Packe

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Location address: Scaynes Hill, RH17 7NP
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Ages: children 8 - 18 · adults 18+ years

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Adult £275Child £75
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***THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKED. THERE'S STILL AVAILABILITY ON THE 20 - 22 SEPTEMBER WEEKEND (FOR BOTH SONS & DAUGHTERS) SEE HERE ON EEQU OR MY WEBSITE: www.chrispacke.com.*** This event runs over one whole weekend, from 6pm Friday 21 June to 4pm Sunday 23 June 2024. Make a den with your dad. Sleep in the den with your dad... Make fire. Make a fire outside your den. Use sharp knives next to the fire outside your den. Hunt your dad in the night. Make traps. Get messy. Play games. All of it, with your dad (or uncle, godfather etc). This weekend packs in everything dads and daughters really want to do with each other, but often don't get the chance or the excuse. In a beautiful piece of woodland and in a lively village atmosphere, we blend bushcraft, survival and the art of mucking around into a thread of activities that are very achievable and a lot of fun. As a rarely-assembled tribe of grown men and growing girls, we shall cook and eat together, make friends, learn skills, tell fireside stories and have rip-roaring adventures together, just like dads and daughters have for thousands of years. Visit www.chrispacke.com for more information. PRICING: Children must be accompanied by an adult male guardian and the adult must book themselves onto the experience. Adult (Standard ticket) pays £275 Daughters (Concession ticket) pay £75 each Please select all attendees at checkout and then tick the 'Concession' box for each daughter. Therefore the cost of one girl and one man booking will be £350. Mums: you are very often the gateway to this experience happening it makes a smashing gift... and then you can go off by yourself and do something nice. **If you have a son as well, there is no need for him to feel left out - you can come with him to the Fathers & Sons event, or there is a third Feral Fathers date where both sons and daughters can come. Find these listings on Eequ, or get in touch with Chris** N.B. The activities on this camp are suitable for girls aged 7yrs and older to any age. We will provide evening meals and simple breakfasts as well as teas and coffee, but you will need to bring food for 2 lunches (either packed lunches, or can cook on the fire). Bookings on this event are subject to Chris Packe's Terms and Conditions, available to view during the booking process. Find useful resources on my website, www.chrispacke.com.
About your mentor
Chris Packe
Wild guide
I am a Feral Father with a Dangerous Daughter and a Savage Son. I have also been a bushcraft instructor since 2015 (for 15 years I was an investment banker in London), and I am also a qualified mountain leader. One of my favourite things to do is to get groups of fathers and their children out together for exuberant weekends. I am also engaged in mentoring in various ways, as well as coaching and guiding, both adults and children. I have convened a consistent men's fire circle in the woods since 2015, I own a woodland where I carry out small scale forestry / conservation projects, and I'm also involved in performing sketch comedy. I have done writing, cartooning... even rap songs. I have taken myself out on a great deal of mountain, woodland and river adventures - love it. I simply love getting families out into nature, helping them equip themselves for their own adventures and realise / remember what fun there is to be had together outdoors.
Some testimonials
Plenty of feedback from years of Feral Fathers weekends... take your pick! Truly was I think one of the greatest times I've shared with my daughter. Matt, 2023 An incredible weekend. Surpassed all expectations, it was brilliant. Ollie, 2023 We got home tired and energised, grubby on the outside and cleansed to the soul. There are now furious debates in my house between my children as to who gets to go next year! Deri, 2023 My daughter and I had a magical time creating lifetime memories and bonding on a level I am not sure it is really possible to do in our everyday lives. It feels like we were away for a week, it was quite strange re-entering civilisation. You strike a wonderful balance between creating a hugely exciting and mind broadening experience for the children (and Dads) whilst also giving them an education on some genuine life skills. Never again will I tell my daughter to be careful with a sharp knife in the kitchen! David, 2022 My son asked me on the first evening when we were going to bed - "Can we do this again next year?" - we had only been there 4 hours. And on the Sunday evening he was wolf howling in his sleep. It was one of the best times he's ever had, and talks about it often, many months later - highly recommended. Stephen, 2019 This weekend with my daughter was one of the most valuable things I think I'll ever do with her. I learnt so much about her that I don't think I would've learnt any other way and the time we spent together felt like some of the most precious time we will ever spend together. Rick, 2019 Can you put a price on strengthening your relationship with you children? I believe you can’t. Chris organised a truly memorable experience for both myself and my daughter. My daughter was in tears when we had to leave the woods. Charlie, 2019 It was an absolutely outstanding weekend in all aspects, we learnt how to build shelters to sleep in and we did! We whittled and made our own utensils, we played great fun games in the forest, we had music and stories around the fire, it was truly amazing. Chris was absolutely fantastic he really knows his stuff also he’s a great communicator not only with the children but with everybody in the whole group. I 100% recommend this for any father and son to have a great weekend together. Howard, 2019 In a word: terrific! Chris was the perfect host, always enthusiastic, incredibly personable - a hit with the young kids and adult kids alike... This is clearly not "just a job" for them, their passion shone throughout the three days. [My son] couldn't have been happier. He was desperately upset to have to leave... he loved his adventure. He still talks about it, and would love to do it all again. Jason, 2019 Chris was on very fine form - even better than last year. His way of 'controlling' by giving us complete freedom to do what we want was brilliant. The weekend made me realise how far both [my son] and I have come in a year, and there's a very real possibility that we'll be back again. Colin, 2019 [My son] had a number of firsts during the weekend which was wonderful to see. What we really enjoyed the most was the freedom of the camp, albeit with initial guidance from Chris and the team, and the way the program for the weekend was completely flexible. I wouldn't change this method for the world as it felt so much more inclusive. James, 2018 We all had an amazing time at the weekend it was very well structured and lots of fun. I highly rated Chris who was able to keep the group together and was brilliant at story telling. Paul, 2018 [My son] had a wonderful time at the camp. Chris is a thoughtful and hardworking leader with a rare gift for understanding and working with children. Alys, 2018 I was particularly impressed with Chris's skills with the young boys: always trying to meet their requests, always listening and guiding them carefully, and especially the care in which he was able to correct problems that needed to be addressed without turning off the child. This is a rare skill in my view and I hope Chris continues to share this gift with young boys. Jonathan P, 2017 I would like to comment that the success of the weekend is in large part down to Chris as a leader who really involves everyone and makes it a great experience. Jonathan H, 2017
Learning aims
Aim 1
One aim is for families to learn that, with minimal instruction, they can create a fun, simple and comfortable experience for themselves hanging out in nature. From thereon, it's a possibility anytime.
Aim 2
Typically, dads learn - or remember - just how much fun this stuff is, and how time spent like this with their daughter is utterly golden. It might even break a few moulds of what dads and daughters can do together...
Aim 3
All come away with greater appreciation of the traditional bushcraft skills of shelter building, fire making and knife work, and the heightened awareness these skills bring.
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Pricing information
Ticket nameAdult
InformationAdults pay £275 Children pay £75 each
Ticket nameChild
Where we'll be
Freshfield Lane, Wapsbourne Wood, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex, RH17 7NP
Enhanced DBS
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Public Liability Insurance
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Cancellation Policy
No refunds are given except in the case of a cancellation by the Mentor.This tends to be a very popular event which books up early. Other inquirers are then kept on a wait list. However, cancellations cause problems, because people generally book their summer activities early, and if participants drop out, the place cannot usually not be filled. Therefore, no refunds can be offered for cancellations after January 31st, unless the place is successfully filled, in which case there will be a refund of the price minus £50. If a participant has to cancel and is not able to get a refund, then I will offer a 25% discount for a return booking the next year.

My experience consists of a leisure activity, on a specific date(s), and therefore the 14-day ‘cooling off period’ under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 does not apply.

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