Mindfulness in Nature day

Connect to nature, connect to oneself

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Hannah at Natural Pathways

Outdoor educator and bushcraft instructor

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Location address: Canterbury, CT3 1PJ
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Ages: 18+ years

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What we'll do
Slow down, enjoy more! A day to sustain you, awaken the senses and restore the magic of your life. Learn how to develop and expand your senses in Nature to have a deeper and richer experience of your relationship with yourself and your natural environment. Time to stop, listen, breathe and feel our innate connection to the beautiful world around us. It is time for humanity to reconnect with the natural world! Meditation in Nature - Develop your innate senses in nature and take a magical journey into your own being connecting with the beautiful plant kingdom. Commune with nature to receive answers to life questions. Meet a Tree - would you like to expand and use your own innate natural senses to connect with the wild? This fascinating activity allows you to really have an experience of the tree spirit. Awareness Exercises beautiful, gentle exercises using all your senses. How not to disturb the natural balance to move, to see, to be, to experience nature. Energy Field Tapping into the energy field around everything and everyone The Sit Spot Taking time to slow down and re-connect, this exercise done on a regular basis can transform your experience of wildlife and nature. Brain Waves How to move from Beta, the fast-paced stressful modern-day life to Alpha and beyond, where we feel the stillness and connect with our intuition and inspiration. You will leave with... An understanding of what nature mindfulness is and how you can easily apply these skills into your everyday life. How spending time observing nature or immersing yourself in nature can have a profound effect on your mood. An understanding of how we can break the stress-reaction cycle and stop repeating the same programmes. How to restore a sense of inner well-being. And discover insights into Quantum Physics and how we can easily change our minds and rewire our brains.
About your mentor
Hannah at Natural Pathways
Outdoor educator and bushcraft instructor
Hannah has been teaching bushcraft skills and nature awareness to adults and children for close to two decades. She also runs courses for schools and youth groups. She is well known for her ability to pass on her skills in a relaxed and engaging manner. Hannah was inspired by the teachings of Tom Brown Jr, a well-known author and founder of the Tracker School in America. Tom Brown grew up alongside a native American from the Apache tribe learning many valuable Earth living skills that he continues to pass on to many people through his trainings. As well as attending courses in America with Tom Brown, Hannah has attended a year’s course on Primitive Survival Skills with Trackways here in the UK. She completed the course with a week's Survival Quest in Scotland. She has since gone on to further her training completing various survival courses, wild food courses and Forest School level 3. Having lived in the Daintree Rainforest in the Australian outback for a year, she gained much experience from practising a sustainable way of living. Hannah has practised Reflexology and Reiki for the past thirty years and has always had an interest in alternative medicine and the healing properties of plants, treating herself and her children with herbal and homoeopathic remedies where possible. Hannah feels it is important to develop her personal awareness when relating to herself and others, as a parent and within a group. She has attended self-development courses such as Parent-Link, Non-violent Communication, the Sedona Method and Psychology of Vision. Hannah home educated her three children for over ten years providing for them a wide range of experiences as they grew up and prior to them moving on to further education. Keen to pass on her knowledge to others, in particular to children, it is her wish to bring them closer to Nature through Nature Awareness activities and hands-on experience with survival/bushcraft skills.
Location and Kit List
Further information for one day course Location - Woodland close to village of Barham, near Canterbury, Kent. Directions and kit list will be sent via email one week prior to course. All tools and equipment will be provided. If raining we will provide a large parachute for shelter where possible. Water and hot drinks are provided. There is a bush toilet for your use. Transport By train: If arriving at Aylesham station it is necessary to pre-book taxi. www.thevillagetaxi.com Mob 07735668686 Canterbury Station: Taxi rank outside the station. By car: Directions to the site will be sent via email prior to the course. Please do not use post-code from website as this is our office address and not where course is held. There is car-parking space within the woodland. Kit required: Appropriate clothing and footwear for the season (Wet Weather Gear) Camping Chair/stool Packed lunch/drink Mug - hot drinks are provided
Learning aims
Aim 1
To understand what nature mindfulness is and how you can easily apply these skills in your everyday life.
Aim 3
To understand how to break the stress-reaction cycle and stop repeating the same programmes.
Aim 5
To discover insights into Quantum Physics and how we can change our minds and rewire our brains.
Aim 2
To appreciate how spending time observing nature can have a profound effect on your mood.
Aim 4
To be able to restore a sense of inner well-being.
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Ticket nameStandard
Where we'll be
Bodgers Camp, Goodnestone Park , Goodnestone, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 1PJ
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Public Liability Insurance
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First Aid Training
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Cancellation Policy
None of the aboveCancel within 6 weeks prior to the course for refund less the deposit.

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