Family Bushcraft Weekend

Re-connect in nature with the ones you love!

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Mark Beckham

I find myself evermore drawn back to nature

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Location address: Bury Saint Edmunds, IP30 0EN
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Ages: children 8 - 18 · adults 18+ years

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Standard £200Concession £150
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A summary
If you feel the need to take some time just for your family this weekend is the perfect opportunity, all within the calm and tranquil surroundings of Linkwood. You will be able to watch the roaming deer and other wildlife as you escape the hustle and bustle of daily routines, fully relax and learn some new skills. We make natural survival shelters with material that can be found in the woods. One of your family activities will be to work as a team and construct a comfortable and warm shelter that will act as your camp for the night. As you do this you will learn what to look for in materials as well as how to identify the perfect location for your base. We will talk about the different scenarios for shelter building and imagine survival situations - which is very engaging for the children! For lunch, on Saturday we will learn how to gut and fillet fish and this will be cooked on an open campfire. In the evening, we will either work with Rabbit or Pigeon to prepare the game and to cook a delicious stew. Children will have the option of sausages if they like. Breakfast will be bacon and eggs and you will learn to make "damper bread" which is a basic bread made from flour and water and cooked on the campfire. On the second morning, we will be learning about natural navigation techniques. We will use the wilderness and all its natural signs and clues to find our way. We will consider trees, plants, water, buildings, the moon and stars. The astrological wayfinding will begin the night before if it is a clear night. During this camp, we will also look at how to find water, how to collect and how to purify it. This is a vital and rewarding survival skill. Please note these above activities and food may be varied depending on the weather and other circumstances. Skills needed: Novice Fitness levels: A standard level of fitness is all that is required although some elements can be physically demanding depending on individuals ability. Please request a bespoke invoice of £650 for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) An Adult is £200 and a child is £150 - please email for a bespoke invoice if you are not a family of 4.
About your mentor
Mark Beckham
I find myself evermore drawn back to nature
Mark is the Owner and Director of Natural Survivor Ltd. Here is his story… Growing up in a small rural village in Suffolk, I always enjoyed the outdoors and what it had to offer. Luckily for me, it was all on my doorstep. I joined the scouts at a young age and loved every minute of it. I soon realised that being part of a team that worked well together was very important to me. Learning new skills, making new friends, training evenings, weekend camps, summer camps and all the new things I was learning really started me on a journey thats brought me to where I am today. Serving a long career in HM Armed Forces spanning from 1990 – 2018 I travelled extensiveIy over the years experiencing a side of life I wouldn’t have normally encountered, educating me about different cultures along the way. Now I have retired from military life I find myself evermore drawn back to nature and the calmness it brings. Having been on a personal recovery journey of my own and the realisation of the way my life has changed was the biggest part of my decision to start my own company. Even after all these years, there is still something magical about being out in nature and absorbing everything it has to offer. In today’s world, technology is distracting people from getting out there and making the most of life. It is all too easy to talk to people on social media and not even leave the house. Mark says.... Imagine this crazy idea, instead of talking to your friends on social media, you are all together, sitting around a campfire with food and a nice hot drink, chatting and laughing about the activities of the day or individual experiences in life. Not only do you feel the warmth of the campfire but you experience the true warmth of friendship. It is awe-inspiring for me to see how nature brings people together, and the way it brings something out from inside you that you wouldn’t normally experience in everyday life. We live in a fast paced life now and take for granted the very environment that surrounds us. Mother nature is working tirelessly to keep things ticking along nicely for us and our planet, and on the most part we don’t even see it or take advantage of what is right in front of us. That is why I invite you to come and join me around that fire, tell me your stories of life’s journey whilst at the same time building memories for the next one (story that is, not life ☺). I will share my experiences with you and teach you how you can live in the wilderness. I will teach you valuable skills that will aid you in the wild and show you that you too have inside what it takes to be confident in unfamiliar surroundings. The most beautiful thing about nature is it can be enjoyed by anyone, whilst the best thing about knowledge is it can be shared with everyone. I look forward to meeting you very soon. Mark
What you’ll need
This course will go ahead in bad weather. So pack sensibly. ESSENTIAL Individual First Aid Kit Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser knife Fork Spoon Plate/Bowl Cup Gloves for shelter building Whistle Sleeping bag Sleeping mat Water Bottle 1L minimum (Juice Bottle will be adequate) Head torch if staying overnight Wash kit OPTIONAL Insect repellant spray Sunglasses / Hat (for summer) Thermals / gloves / Hat (for winter) Notebook and pen Camera NB: You don’t need to spend a fortune on kit so if you are unsure what to purchase please contact us for advice before buying.
Learning aims
Aim 1
You will learn how to prepare game to eat
Aim 3
You will learn how to prepare water to drink
Aim 2
You will learn to build shelters
Aim 4
You will learn natural navigation and so much more
Pricing information
Ticket nameStandard
InformationAdults should select a Standard ticket for £200 Childen can each select a Concession at £150 I also offer a Family Package for £650 which covers 2 Adults and 2 Children. If you would like the Family Ticket please message me and I will send a bespoke invoice
Ticket nameConcession
Where we'll be
Linkwood (off Linkwood Road), What3words: evaded.history.masks, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0EN
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Public Liability Insurance
First Aid Training
First Aid Kit

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