Family 4 Day Camp

Creating family bonds that last forever!

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Johnny Tidd of Wild Earth Project

Always pushing towards surviving in the wild

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Location address: Longhope, GL17 0RF
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For ages: 5 - 99 years and adults years

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A summary
We have a great emphasis on community and connection with each other and the world around us , creating bonds that last forever, within your family and circling back to nature and all that surrounds you. These bonds are essential for our well-being and to live lives with a deeper purpose and meaning. Family camps can be very powerful, deepening the connections between the whole family. Getting ourselves back to being in tune with nature can be very emotional and challenging, but will always bring us a deep sense of elation and belonging in the end, which is so important now we are in this new technological era. Be prepared to switch off your phones for 4 days, and tune out of all your troubles, stresses and daily thoughts! This is an immersive nature retreat to get you back to yourself and de-stress! Learning Bushcraft will make you a stronger person, nature will make you more patient, focused, and aware. Connecting with animals and plants will deepen your empathy for the planet and thus create respectful and responsible adults that will take care of our planet rather than abuse it, as we see now . Children and parents can strengthen their bonds, this is a deep and powerful course for every family to come together and re-connect, so especially on these 4 day camps we have a lot of time to experience many things together and you will take back home so many wonderful and joyous memories.
About your mentor
Johnny Tidd of Wild Earth Project
Always pushing towards surviving in the wild
Johnny Tidd, head instructor has obsessively been studying for 10 years, he has made it his mission / vision / purpose to live as closely with the earth as possible for all the indigenous people who have been killed in our history, he holds the flag for them. He has had an unquenchable thirst for this path for the last 7 years and can deliver expert advice on all these primitive subjects. He has lived in the jungles of Mexico and has studied all over the world, always pushing himself further towards being able to completely thrive in the wild. Johnny tidd delivers a series of courses from the basics up to advanced levels in many different primitive subjects, including, nature connection work, ecology, meditation, communing with the divine and with nature, indigenous law and principals of living in harmony with each other and this planet, bows, archery, spears, catapults, traps, baiting, coastal foraging, wild food, herbalism, tee i.d and usage, tracking, stone tools, stealth movement, camouflage, stalking, bird language and hunting to name a few. Experience: Tom Brown School in the USA with renowned tracker for CIA and shamanic teachers. Courses : Standard Bushcraft Advanced Bushcraft Native American storytelling High speed survival Philosophy 1,2 Advanced tracking and awareness Guardians of ceremony 2017 - Fyona Campbell Wild Food Teacher Training: 1 year 3 years of Bowmaking at festivals Jon Young Coyote School, USA Trained in bird language and kamana series 1 2014 USA - Rick Berry children of the Earth Foundation Full teacher training for kids. 2011 UK Trackways 1 year course in survival skills and bushcraft/shamanism
A summary
Day 1 5 Senses, sit spot meditation Wild food walk and teachings on Herbalism Debris Hut - building two different group shelters to sleep in . Games - running wild and free. Time in nature , sunset badger watch . Fire side storytelling Day 2 Sit spot meditation, 5 senses Archery/making an arrow and flint arrow head,binding and crafting of the entire arrow from start to finish Games. Sleeping in shelters. Night games - blindfolded drum stalk . ​Day 3 Sit spot meditation. Peacemaker story - caretaking nature and animals. Cordage from natural fibres. Water: learn how to filtrate water and find water in nature. Orienteering - Using Intuition/Instincts. ​Walk up onto May Hill for Sunset the end of this course you will be on your way to know how to thrive out in the wild, we will give you a lot of knowledge on how to commune with our earth in a real and dynamic way. This course is designed to be intensive and to slowly remove and shred those layers of city life that are in the way of us finding our true selves. Day 4 Atlatl spear hunting and target practise Traps Night games ​The evenings will be for playing music, singing and storytelling around the fire and of course primitive cooking. This is really a fun packed week away, it's going to be magical! There will be time for you and time for your kids to run free and time for all of you to play together, leaving you with the most enchanted feeling inside and out. There will also be some time for adults to be heard and for conversation to be opened up around parenting and indigenous ways about bringing up your children. This is very important, as now we see a huge disconnection in modern society between us and our beloved ones.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Deepen the connections between the whole family.
Aim 2
Getting ourselves back to being in tune with nature
Aim 3
Create wonderful and joyous memories
Celebrations, Birthdays, Hens, Stags and Private Groups
WildEarth does a variety of bespoke bushcraft days for your tastes and needs. We can spice up any party you can think of and make your day so special that it will be memorable forever. We can arrange and create pretty much anything you can think of and for all ages and skill levels. This could last 1-2 days depending on your needs. ​Please call or email us to discuss further about these great opportunities in adventure and wilderness skills. We can also come to you and tailor a course that will suit your garden or space. ​Here is a list for some inspiration of the kind of parties and events we can do: Stag Do Zen archery, axe throwing, fencing, routines of invisibility and english longbow making - 2 days Zen archery, axe throwing, camouflage and stealth movement - 1 day Hunger games scenario - 2 days Fire by friction, shelter building with sleep out - 2 days Hen Do 1-2 day Foraging and wild medicinal walk, fire by friction and basket weaving - 2 days ​Kids Birthday Parties Archery Tracking Wide games/jedi games Hunger games Fire by friction Wittling swords/fencing and sword fighting tactics and battles. Making flint axe or knife Stealth movement and invisibility Shelter building Jedi skills A whole day's worth of games, from bushcraft treasure hunts to games about the senses, blindfolded stalking scenarios, and the list goes on! Teenage Birthday Initiation rites of passage -1 or 2 days Scout skills Jedi skills Hunger games - 1 or 2 days Archery, bow making, fencing, axe throwing and stealth tactics Contact us by messaging us on the 'Message Mentor' button
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InformationI will create a bespoke invoice for each family. The pricing is worked as as below: Individual rates : If you earn more than £30,000 before tax: £ 330/290 - 1st adult/2nd adult Each child £300 (5 - 18 yrs old) If you earn between £20,000 - £30,000 before tax: £260/220 1st/2nd adult , each child £245 ​ If you earn less than £20,000 before tax: £200/180 1st/2nd adult, each child £200 We are open to negotiation on the cost. If it is unaffordable for you, especially if you have 3 kids! ​Please email for daily rates to the camp .
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in woods, Longhope, Gloucestershire, GL17 0RF
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