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GCSE supervised study group

Studying alongside each other

Mentored by

Gabrielle Marshall

Qualified Teacher and Home educating Parent

Location address: Forest Row, RH18 5DS
Chosen age group:

For ages: 15 - 16 years

Available tickets:
Standard £5.50/hr
Next date: None - message Mentor to express interest
A summary
A supervised study group of 14/16 year olds working towards their GCSE's offering support, friendship and company. I know there are other home educating families out there, whose children are not in school, for a whole host of reasons but who would like to connect more regularly with others of their age, during school hours. If you have a teenager aged 14/16 who would enjoy some studying alongside others, spending some downtime between sessions to socialise and chat, then this might be the right place for your child. There is also a wider group of younger teenagers sharing the breaktimes. My vision is to have a group of up to 6-8 teenagers, focused and studying together; enjoying their breaks to form new friendships and new connections. I have kept the cost of each study session down to a minimum to make it affordable and accessible as I appreciate how expensive home educating during the GCSE years can become. I offer parents the flexibility to choose the days that fit in with their child's other commitments. Each child is welcome to come along to try out the study sessions. Each session lasts roughly 4 hours with breaks and lunch hour built in. It costs £5.50/hr so £22/day. To trial the first week, starting on the 8th September, please book in your preferred days. Go to the bookings page and book your session. If your child wishes to attend regularly then book the remaining dates available. Bookings will be made in half term blocks initially. This initiative will run for the academic year and my hope is that each student will be willing to commit to that as exams near and peer support will be of benefit It is far easier being motivated when others around you are working hard too ! Equally it will help to establish a regular working pattern that supports their learning and their connections with each other. Each student has the option to join the morning tutorials before the study sessions, should they wish to.
About your mentor
Gabrielle Marshall
Qualified Teacher and Home educating Parent
I have 4 children ages 8,12,16,18. They have been home educated with spells of Waldorf and state education and now our eldest is doing his last year of A'Levels in a sixth form college. My journey with home education led me to understand that home education better supported our children in their need to be, to learn and to connect with their family. Ten years on and I've home educated my eldest through GCSE's and found it difficult to find other teenagers his age to accompany him on his journey as at 14, the majority of his friends went into school. Now my second son, is in his last year of GCSE's and would appreciate others his age to share the journey. I imagine there are others out there like him, who might benefit from coming together. I am a qualified secondary school English teacher and have experience teaching English, Maths GCSE, drama, Art, pottery and science to both groups and individuals. I have set up and run Active Minds (2011) for 36 children including a teenage group. I've worked as a journalist, reporter, presenter and producer/director in radio and television before transferring to teaching. I've published short stories for BBC radio and currently teach pottery and sell jewelry I have designed and made. Our family recently took a gap year in India but returned due to the pandemic. We live in West Hoathly in the Hoathly Hill Community. Like many home educating parents, I've learnt a lot over the years so I understand how to encourage a child, help them to find the information they need to move forward and how to persevere. I am there to supervise, hold a safe space and to offer limited guidance when required. The students need to be able to self motivate, be independent learners and have work with them to be getting on with. They are able to bring laptops to help with their studies that can be used for study purposes only.
Timetable (a guideline only)
Wednesday 8..54--9.55 ICT with Jason Eichner (Optional tutorial £8-10 depending on numbers). 10-11 study 11.11.30 break 11.30-12.30 study 12.30-1.00 lunch 1-2.00 study Thursday 1-2 study 2-2.30 Break 2.30-3.30 study 3.30-4 Break 4-5 Study Friday 8.55-9.55 creative writing with Jason Eichner (optional tutoriall,£8-10 depending on numbers). 10-11 study 11-11.30 break 11.30-12.30 Study 12.30-2.00 Lunch and walk
Learning aims
Aim 1
To support teenagers in their study with company, friendship and peer support.
Aim 2
To have a qualified teacher on hand to help guide the student and give them encouragement in their efforts to learn.
A summary
A summary A study group that meets regularly to support one another. Making the GCSE years more fun! Supporting teenagers in their mental health and well being through connection and friendship. A supportive adult on hand to encourage positive learning.
Pricing information
Ticket nameStandard
InformationThis includes the rental of the premises, my planning time and supervision.
Where we'll be
Chapel Lane, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS
Basic DBS
Risk Assessment
Public Liability Insurance
First Aid Training
First Aid Kit
Smoke Detector

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Please note, it is the responsibility of the booker to satisfy themselves about the adequacy of the safety measures. This platform is merely an introducer and does not verify the items listed here.

Cancellation Policy
No refunds are given except in the case of a cancellation by the Mentor.

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