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Cumulus Challenge and Achieve

We use Eequ for a variety of different events including HAF, DofE and adventurous activity sessions. We have found the system to be very versatile and adaptable and even handle our consenting and risk acknowledgment procedure over Eequ. The team are very responsive and helpful be it with customer requests or our need for new features and adaptations.

Forest School Association

We have used Eequ for our Annual National Conference for the last three years. The Eequ team have been incredible and the level of support is second to none. Each time we use the platform there are new features that make life easier and the team actively and gratefully takes feedback to improve the systems to work with us, which is great.

Chris Packe

Life would be much more difficult without Eequ. I’ve used it for 6 years. It takes all the hassle out of listings, bookings and managing clients – this is a HUGE achievement. The support is excellent and often creative to suit my needs. Also, I love what Eequ are doing more broadly. Massively recommend.

Project Rewild

I just want to say thank you for all your amazing work and support the last couple of years, you have given us such a fantastic service. Eequ is a wonderful platform that your team should be very proud of. I am so grateful to be part of the Eequ community.

Wildlings School

Everytime I use your platform I’m so inspired. I’m completely blown away by the product and the community you are building - it just keeps getting better every day. Please thank your whole team for doing this, I feel so proud to be a part of Eequ.

Mission driven

Eequ understands the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh programme is a much loved youth programme founded by the late Prince Philip. Stemming from his love for the outdoors and a firm belief in nurturing personal resilience, health, and fitness, this programme is designed to foster a diverse set of life skills in young people aged 14-24.

Outdoor education organisations are uniquely positioned to support young individuals through the framework of activities that include sports, fitness, care of the natural world, adventurous expeditions and a residential project at the Gold level.

Through the dedication of countless outdoor organisations over three hundred thousand young people each year receive mentorship and exceptionally high-quality experiences. These organisations and mentors are pivotal in shaping the trajectories of participants’ lives as well as facilitating 3.5 million hours of volunteering in local communities.

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We provide you with a dedicated account manager who will ensure your listings are beautifully presented. We are on hand to guide and train your staff as they discover the full capability of Eequ.
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