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Pewter Casting

Using Cuttlefish bone & Delft clay moulds

Mentored by Dee at Wild Woodland WorkshopsMentor summary: Immersive, Creative events in Nature
Location address: Sissinghurst, TN17 2JU
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For ages: 18+ years

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Standard £58Concession £50
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What we'll do

Pewter is such a fantastic and fun material to work with and I never tire of it. As well as being of huge historic importance, it has maintained significance and is indeed seeing a resurgence in popularity, in my opinion due to its versatility and ease of use amongst other things, but it is also sustainable and endlessly recyclable. We will be using 2 different methods during the workshop and will begin with Cuttlefish bone which enables you to create your very own design by carve and whittling a detailed mould into a piece of cuttlefish bone. Once perfected, the mould is fixed to a flat board and supported in sand ready for the molten metal to be poured in! It's such a fascinating and exciting process and always delights, even when things don't go to plan! You'll then be shown how to finish your piece using various tools and techniques depending on what you want it to be, e.g. keyfob, brooch, pendant, light pull, door knob or draw handle...and so many other things besides! The sec...

Dee at Wild Woodland Workshops·Immersive, Creative events in Nature
Hello! I’m Dee and I am a Designer / Maker / Facilitator / life long learner / teacher, as well as wife, mother, step-mum, friend, mentor and guide. I have been creating and fixing things since my childhood – it’s part of who I am. I have studied and practised Art, Design, Craft and Manufacturing in many different guises over the years, starting with a Foundation course and then a degree in Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, with the intention of becoming a wedding dress designer! As life does, it took me on a different creative path and I decided to combine my passion for designing and making with my enjoyment of sharing knowledge and skills…so I trained to be a Teacher – specialising in Design & Technology. Perfect! I love teaching and through it I have had many opportunities to experiment and develop my skills and my love of creativity has continued to thrive! As well as being Head of Design Technology for over 10 years I became drawn to outdoor education through bushcraft and primitive skills and so eventually trained to be a Forest School Leader, which led to my role of Head of Outdoor Education. During this time, I developed many new projects as well as a whole school program called ‘Adventure school’, which involved a combination of Forest School, Bushcraft, Primitive Skills, and good old-fashioned camping! It was such a roaring success and so well received by parents and pupils alike, that it planted a seed…alongside this I had so much enthusiasm and positive feedback from parents about my bespoke DT projects and Adventure activities over the years, that it got me thinking…eventually, after some life-changing decisions and resounding support and encouragement from my wonderful boys, family and friends; I decided to take the leap and leave my established and secure teaching job to set up my own creative business…so here I am!! I love nature – being in the woods especially – and I am a firm believer in alternative medicines and natural remedies, I am also a deeply spiritual person and believe hugely in the power of creation to connect us to our Creator… as part of this journey I have studied Shinrin Yoku – aka Forest Bathing, as well as aromatherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and I am currently studying Herbal medicine, Art Therapy, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), with a view to enhancing the therapeutic understanding of the natural world and developing my offers to include more ‘connection’ based experiences…we all need connection in this life and no matter what your spiritual beliefs are, nature can facilitate that connection and bring a sense of whole-ness…’wild-being’ I call it – so watch this space for future developments in this regard! There is already so much research now to support natural health methodologies as well as studies that affirm the overall health benefits of just being out in Nature, particularly with regard to Mental Health and Well-being…Shinrin Yoku has long been a recognised and prescribed remedy in Japan, and is gaining momentum globally as a powerful way to counterbalance our busy and often stressful, tech-saturated lives. Alongside this, are the therapeutic benefits of creative and artistic pursuits for well-being and satisfaction, which research also continues to reinforce and promote, especially with regard to mental health issues but certainly not limited to that. As a craftsperson and general fixer of things, I just love learning new skills and experimenting with all manner of materials and techniques…this has fuelled my passion for traditional and primitive skills, some of which are sadly, very close to extinction which is tragic because they hold so much value..So I have invested a lot of time and energy in learning about and practising these skills…I’m still learning! With these interests and passions combined, as well as my own awareness of a critical need for ‘downtime’ and balance in our lives, I have developed a range of workshops and events, ideally to be held outdoors in the woods around a roaring fire! Through these experiences, I share my love of creativity through traditional and primitive craft-based skills, with a focus on sustainability – not only with regard to materials and processes, but sustainable well-being too! My intention is to encourage and inspire a love of Nature and respect for the natural world; of Creative pursuits and their value in life; and an interest in traditional and primitive skills as a means to simplify life and appreciate where we have come from and what is of value. These three elements combined are a very powerful antidote to the stresses and strains of our modern, endlessly changing, and mind-blowingly fast-paced, tech-heavy lives!

What's included

The price of the workshop includes 25gms of lead-free Pewter, which is more than enough to cast a few copies of your mould - depending on the size of your design - all tools, tuition, and findings that you will need to complete your custom-made treasure! Not to mention to the tranquil woodland settings, roaring campfire, and plenty of fresh tea & coffee! Pewter is a marvellous metal to work with and is sustainable to boot, as it can be endlessly remelted and recast with very little loss. It is very versatile too and this is just one of the ways it can be worked with...but in my mind one of the most interesting and satisfying! Suitable for complete beginners or those who are already very adept at crafting but would like to try something new and exciting! This workshop covers just one type of mould making with cuttlefish bone but I also run an afternoon session using Delft clay, so if you would rather try that method, see my other events...alternatively, if you want to use both methods,...

Learning aims

To design and carve a cuttlefish bone mould

If this one doesn't quite fit...

I realise that setting dates for specific workshops isn't going to suit everyone, so if you are interested in what I do but can't quite find a workshop that fits your dates, location, skillset, etc... please do get in touch as I am more than happy to discuss ideas and adapt my workshops to suit your occasion... Although these workshops are listed as 'for adults', they may be suitable for mature teens too but please get in touch before booking to discuss. Thanks Dee

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we'll be

The Outpost Studio & Workshop, Cleavers, Sissinghurst, Kent, TN17 2JU

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Ticket: Standard £58Ticket description: If you are booking 4 or more places, you may select the concessionary price. Otherwise, please select the standard priced ticket.
Ticket: Concession £50

Pricing information


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