Embracing the Inevitable

A weekend exploring Ageing, Death & Renewal

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Adrian Kowal

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Location address: Scaynes Hill, RH17 7NP
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For ages: 18+ years

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Next date: Friday 19th Apr,
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Tick tock... I remember the feeling of having all the time in the world. But I don’t seem to feel that way any more. Creak… I remember when I could put my body through anything, and now there are things that I can’t let myself do anymore. Soon my son will be able to beat me in an arm wrestle – how did he get so big? I’m young in my head, and I increasingly catch myself thinking back to younger times past, but I daren’t admit how reluctant and afraid I am to look ahead to older times coming. If I won’t look ahead to it; I certainly can’t ever expect to look forward to it… can I? “I want to know if you are willing to live, day by day, with the consequence of love and the bitter unwanted passion of your sure defeat.” (David Whyte, Self Portrait) It feels like I’m at a crossroads, and I might be facing the wrong way for my own good. I am not at all at peace with the fact of my inevitable death. “I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you.” (T S Eliot, East Coker) You are invited to a weekend, well looked after in the woods, where we shall explore the shadowy, often much-avoided matters of ageing and death. The weekend is an open space to explore our own relationship to ageing, to challenge our preconceived ideas about dying, to explore purpose as it relates to growing older. And through these collective enquiries we may come away from the weekend feeling nourished together with a sense of embracing the next seasons that life holds for us. Over the few days there will be both structured practices to support different ways of knowing and relating to the ageing process as well as emergent unstructured time around the fire and in the woods to share our worries and fears in a safe, non-judgemental container. Some of the activities will include: • Nature immersion games and rituals • Woodcraft and firecraft • Embodiment practices, voice dialogue and parts work • Exploring ageing through the creative lens of poetry and storytelling • Helpful journal prompts to activate a new way of relating to our own ageing experience • A ‘death-cafe’ - an open discussion of death where there is no agenda, objectives or themes Ageing and death unites us all, so all are welcome above the age of 18, in particular anyone for whom these matters have been intruding on their everyday thoughts... Visit www.chrispacke.com for more information.
About your mentors
Chris Packe
Wild guide
Chris spent 15 years in investment banking, followed by 10 years in the woods. He is particularly fired up by running events and programmes that relate to men / fathers, and to teenagers. This comes to life as nature-based youth mentoring programmes – year courses for teens such as Wolf Pack for Boys and for Girls (13-15 years) and Call to Adventure (boys aged 11-13 years), as well as Feral Fathers (feisty weekend events for fathers and sons / daughters) and convening a monthly men’s fire circle (since 2015). In addition, he does work that is variously described as coaching, mentoring and guiding (he is a qualified mountain leader, and an archery instructor), and also sketch comedy, writing, cartooning and songwriting. Chris also finds himself owning a piece of woodland - a place to work, experiment and often to just go to alone and sleep in. He lives in Forest Row and has two children.
Adrian Kowal
Wilderness guide and wellness entrepreneur
Adrian is passionate about the wellbeing of the whole. He is a social entrepreneur and community builder. Adrian himself pines for a healthy mix between adventure (doing) and slowing down (being), both of which he brings into the retreats and expeditions that he runs. Adrian deeply enjoys supporting the balance in people’s personal holistic well-being, working with men’s groups and also guiding adventures and expeditions. Adrian lives off-grid in southern Tuscany, Italy, where he is growing an intentional community. He is the co-founder of Way of Nature UK and is impassioned by the alchemical reaction of combining deep relaxation processes with Rites of Passage nature connection practices. He has trained and assisted in facilitating programmes with John P. Milton, and has been leading wilderness programmes for 7 years. Adrian is also a co-founder of The Visionaries, an organisation that creates nurturing school communities that support young people into healthy adulthood. Adrian co-founded and runs The Life Centre, a centre for growth and wellbeing in London, for 12 years and has deep knowledge of both urban and nature-based wellness practices. He works on a host of other businesses and projects that involve being of service, supporting the emergence of a better world for our grandchildren’s grandchildren and having a great deal of fun and connection along the way.
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Wapsbourne Wood, , Scaynes Hill, West Sussex, RH17 7NP
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