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A summary
This is an immersive 10-week online (zoom) course for those seekers and community builders who know in their hearts that there is another way to live that enables all ages within the community to support, thrive and enrich each other. A way that offers the beautiful world our hearts know is possible to paraphrase Charles Eisenstein. The course teaches an active response to that deep longing for change and regeneration in your community. It celebrates and draws on regenerative culture, connection modelling and cultural mentoring at every level. You will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and understanding necessary to become a powerful peacemaker, rebuilding a meaningful connection with nature and your people. And you will learn how to develop actions that sustain and regenerate growth in your community. Phil Greenwood is a very experienced mentor including 8 shields, teacher of deep nature connection skills, builder of thriving, peaceful communities. Weekly content: 1. **Igniting the Village Builders' Vision: Unlocking the Power of Deep Nature Connection and Cultural Influence** Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the profound impact of deep nature connection on community dynamics. Discover the timeless significance of culture as a model, shaping not just the present but all times to come. 2. **From Ancient Longings to Hopeful New Beginnings: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Connection** Uncover the devaluation and loss of connection in our lives and explore the barriers hindering these vital ties. Learn the essential steps required to remove these barriers and reignite the flame of genuine human connection. 3. **Charting the Course of Least Resistance: Building Villages, One Simple Step at a Time** Dive into the practical realm of village building in your region. Explore simple yet impactful processes that can be implemented immediately and will naturally evolve over time, creating a foundation for lasting connections. 4. **Planting Unshakeable Roots of Peace: The 8 Attributes of Peace-making** Cultivate a harmonious core within your village through the 8 Attributes defining peace. Establish and maintain well-being as the heartbeat of village building and cultural regeneration, fostering a thriving and peaceful community. 5. **Rejuvenation and Becoming a "Natural": Nurturing Yourself and Inspiring Others** Discover the keys to sustaining yourself over time and learn how to role model self-care for others. Explore the transformative journey of becoming a "Natural" leader who inspires and supports the well-being of the entire community. 6. **Learning from the Masters: Celebrating Success Stories in Village Building** Uncover inspiring success stories from existing communities worldwide. Deepen your understanding of operating principles through case studies, gaining insights that will guide your own village-building endeavours. 7. **Embracing the Darkness: Ancestry, History, and the Transformative Power of Culture** Anticipate challenges and design for transformational growth within yourself and your community. Explore the profound impact of ancestry and history on village building, turning shadows into catalysts for positive change. 8. **Wisdom for Survival and Regeneration: Metrics of Success in Culture Repair** Gain valuable insights into the indicators and metrics of success in village building, culture repair, and regeneration. Equip yourself with the wisdom needed to navigate the challenges and foster a thriving, regenerative community. 9. **Next Steps: Setting Intentions and Growing Local and Global Roots** Uncover the beauty of small steps leading to great endeavours. Set intentions for your village, nurturing both local and global connections. Embrace the philosophy that "small is beautiful" as you embark on this transformative journey. 10. **Supporting Our Review: Feedback, Roses, Thorns, and Seeds of Growth** Foster a culture of continuous improvement through constructive feedback. Explore the nuances of success with roses, acknowledge challenges with thorns, and plant seeds for future growth. Design web intro and craft strategies for ongoing success in your village-building endeavours.
About your mentor
Nature educator & environmentalist
Hello, I'm Phil Greenwood. I am the founder of Sacred Earth. I'm a former Royal Marine Commando but have spent the last 20 years working with young people in outdoor education and taking adults on deep nature connection journeys. I'm an experienced group facilitator, mentor and naturalist. I have studied, practiced and taught advanced shamanic and connection practices from both the British Isles and other indigenous cultures around the world. I'm also part of the global 8 Shields nature mentoring movement. I strongly believe that people need nature based rites-of-passage programmes to help them find their place in the world. At Sacred Earth we aim to do just that. Our courses and programmes help people develop their social and emotional intelligence through a range of experiential learning programmes, which can be tailored to and delivered at a site of your choice. We encourage creativity, community, ingenuity and a deep connection with the natural world.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Become a powerful peacemaker
Aim 3
Learn powerful facilitation tools
Aim 5
Become a catalyst for positive change in the world
Aim 2
Build meaningful connections with nature and your people
Aim 4
Learn the power of setting intentions
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Small private road opposite Cowden Hall Lane, Horebeech Lane, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 9HJ
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