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Changing lives and transforming our community

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Employability workshops Free
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Are you preparing for work? Do you need help with the job application process? Do you want to develop your skills to confidently communicate in the workplace? If the answer is yes, join our free interactive workshops delivered by business volunteers! All workshops are held at The Well Community Centre. Workshops include: Help writing your CV, preparing for interviews, completing job applications, building confidence in speaking, delivering presentations confidently, managing your time effectively And more! Ensure that you book your space as sessions are limited to 15 people per session. Building confidence in challenging times Discover your strengths and areas where you have a growth or fixed mindset. Explore strategies to help build confidence by discovering your strengths and learning about fixed and growth mindsets, and celebrating your successes. Tuesday 12th September 10am-12pm Preparing for work- managing wellbeing and communication Preparing for work (interviews, job applications etc) can be stressful and affect your communication with others. Learn strategies you can apply to maintain your wellbeing at this time by setting SMART wellbeing goals. Tuesday 26th September 10am-12pm How to write a great CV Top tips for CV success and- How to showcase your skills and experience to an employer. Tuesday 10th October 10am-12pm How to complete online job applications Many job applications are online now and some people find it hard to understand what is required. This workshop will give you some advice on what to put in each section and ways you can save time. Tuesday 7th November 10am-12pm How to write a cover letter or personal statement You will learn some top tips on writing a cover letter to go with your application or how to complete a personal profile in a job application. Tuesday 21st November 10am-12pm Techniques to improve your confidence when speaking Tuesday 5th December 10am-12pm Giving a good impression at a job interview As you progress in your career, you may find you need to give presentations. This online module will take you through how to stand, how to use your slides most effectively and how to engage with your audience Tuesday 9th January 10am-12pm How to answer questions in job interviews This workshop will look at some of the most common questions in job interviews, what to say, what not to say and how to structure your answers. Tuesday 23rd January 10am-12pm Mock interviews This is your chance to put your skills into practise and have a mock interview. You can answer the mostly commonly asked questions and practise using effective body language Tuesday 6th February 10am-12pm Good time/workload management It can be difficult when you are out of work to manage your time well. This module has some tips on how you can make the most of the time you are searching for work and demonstrate good time management skills when you start your new job. Tuesday 20th February 10am-12pm Etiquette using communication tools There are some many different ways to communicate with others: phone, email, social media etc. Sometimes people don’t realise that each form has its own etiquette and that not following those unwritten rules in the workplace can sometimes cause problems Tuesday 5th March 10am-12pm How to write professional emails Email is used in nearly every job now, but not everyone has been trained in what should be in an email in terms of the right content to use, getting the tone right and conveying your message clearly. This workshop will give you advice on how you write a professional email. Tuesday 16th April 10am-12pm Creating presentations confidently As your career progresses, you may be asked to put together a presentation. This module will look at what tools you can use, how to structure your presentation and get the content right as well as how to plan the aims effectively. T Tuesday 30th April 10am-12pm Delivering presentations confidently This workshop will take you through how to stand, how to use your slides most effectively and how to engage with your audience. Tuesday 14th May 10am-12pm
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Bonny Downs Community Association
Changing lives and transforming our community
BDCA is a dynamic community-led charity that has been serving the residents of the London Borough of Newham since 1998. We support a diverse cross-section of our local community, working with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. We have a positive impact on local lives through a wide range of services and activities designed to bring people together and provide opportunities for people to connect with neighbours; improve their health and wellbeing; access the support they need; learn new skills; give back to their community; and celebrate life. Our vision Our vision for Newham is a thriving community where everyone feels connected, valued and fulfilled! Our mission We work to break down barriers, bring people together and build people up.
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