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Pixel Power East Brighton - FREE HAF

Video game graphics & level design activities

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Coding and technology workshop specialists.

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Location address: Brighton, BN2 5EE
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For ages: 8 - 14 years

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Next date: Tuesday 19th Dec,
Funded by Brighton and Hove City Council
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What we'll do
Educraft are happy to offer our unique HAF funded sessions for children eligible for free school meals. PIXEL POWER Design and animate video game graphics using BBC BASIC, the language of the original educational computer, the BBC Micro. Then take the knowledge learned to customise and play your own version of the classic video games Blitz, Invaders and Snake. Building games turns students from content consumers into confident digital creators. They build games to “show what they know” about any topic. They build games to inform and persuade, and to tell their epic stories. Along the way, they practice the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking on their journey towards becoming fluent digital creators. __________ We also have a number of themed craft and physical activities to offer a fully rounded experience. BEADCRAFT: Create unique pixel sprites using fuse-beads and turn them into beautiful key rings, jewellery or baubles to take home. PAPERCRAFT: Build a paper replica of a classic computer or video game character to take home. RETRO GAMES: Play arcade classics from the early 1980s (such as Pacman, Frogger and Space Invaders), classic SEGA games (including the original version of Sonic) or retro Nintendo games (like the original Super Mario Brothers). BOARD GAMES: Try our selection of carefully chosen board games that ensure that we are able to continue our Pixel theme without the need for excessive periods of screen time. BEAT-SABER: Build up a sweat as you follow choreographed lightsaber sequences in time to music in this twist on the cult VR video game. Each session includes free food and an informative and interactive discussion on the health and environmental benefits of eating more plant-based foods. HEALTHY FOOD: Educraft works with local ethical providers (such as vegetarian cafes or restaurants) to provide nutritious, locally prepared vegetarian and/or vegan hot meals as well as healthy snacks and fruit.
About your mentor
Coding and technology workshop specialists.
With over 14 years of experience, the Educraft team are specialists in providing technology-based workshops to schools, museums and events across the UK and abroad. Our goal is to educate and inspire children towards a career in creative computer arts through the use of unusual and obscure tech.
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Our goal is to educate and inspire children towards a career in creative computer arts through the use of unusual and obscure tech.
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Saint Mark's CofE Primary School, Manor Road, Brighton, Brighton and Hove, BN2 5EE
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