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Fly Agaric And Friends

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Hips and Haws Wildcrafts - Courtney TylerWild Food Forager and Alchemist
FergusFergus the Forager
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Fergus The Forager
Location address: Blessington, Fly Agaric 1
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For ages: 18+ years

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Event ticket £191
Next date: Saturday 29th Oct,

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There is a fantastic array of wild food and fungi in Co Wicklow (Note:29th Oct date in Kent. UK!). We will enjoy a long ramble in a beautiful woodland in the Wicklow Mountains. Here, interspersed with wild local seasonal food to eat and drink, we will forage for wild fungi, including Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric). We will learn about the allure of this iconic mushroom and how to safely use it as medicine and as food. There will be demonstrations including lacto-fermentation of mushrooms, and tincture making. We will also learn about (and cook) many of the other wild fungi that we encounter. The course is very hands on, creative and playful, yet with also there is time to relax, enjoy and just connect with the plants, fungi, the land, and each other. We will provide lunch and a delicious three-course wild food dinner with some very exciting ingredients and creative madness. You must dress appropriately for a day spent outdoors, hiking boots and rain gear could be helpful. Sorr...

Hips and Haws Wildcrafts - Courtney Tyler·Wild Food Forager and Alchemist
Courtney delights in sharing her hard-won knowledge and experience that she has acquired, but more than anything prides herself in the ability to teach others about the magic of the natural world and how to feed and nourish our bodies and souls with these wild foods and in particular wild fungi. The passion and enthusiasm with with Courtney shares this knowledge is infectious and clearly communicated, breaking down complex and often dry mycological or complex terminology into snippets of interesting facts and hands-on learning experiences. A proud member of the Association of Foragers. Courtney can teach you to identify many edible, medicinal, toxic or deadly fungi and show you how to increase your knowledge and confidence step-by-step.
Fergus Drennan·Fergus the Forager
Wild food experimentalist, course faciliator, forager, the ever-curious Fergus Drennan, aka Fergus The Forager, has been gathering and learning about wild plants, seaweeds, and fungi for over 40 years, beginning on Wimbledon Common, aged 3 years, collecting dandelions for the family’s pet tortoise. Since those early days, and through much creative and experimental exploration he has continued his foraging practice, not only as a means to understand and to discover the practical relevance that foraging has in the modern developed world, but also in terms of what it means to be an environmentally conscious human in relation to the natural world. “Can foraging ever be considered a truly sustainable practice, and if so how?”, is a question that always orchestrates his foraging activity, as does a pursuit of foraging’s playful and creative possibilities, whether they be found in novel recipes using plants, fungi, and seaweeds, or unlocking the possibilities that wild botanicals offer for other non-food-based creative pursuits. That includes, among other things, the making of baskets, mushroom paper, and natural dyes and pigments. Fergus has a huge amount of wild food knowledge to share, and an array of imaginative ways of doing so. After even only an afternoon with him, the natural world around you will never look the same again.

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Nr Blessington Lakes Sailing Club, somewhere, Blessington, County Wicklow, Fly Agaric 1

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Ticket: Event ticket £191

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