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Medicine Drum Circle

Building connection between nature and spirit

Mentored by Sacred EarthMentor summary: Nature educator & environmentalist
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Sacred Earth
Location address: Horam, TN21 9HJ
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For ages: 18+ years

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Standard £225Concession £195Drop in ticket £45 per session
Next date: Thursday 20th Oct,

A summary

Shamans are telling us that it is time to take our ancient wisdom forward into the new world, leaving behind the old ways that have become outdated. Shamans see the world as a mystery, where spiritual power is all around us in a universe that is constantly changing and evolving. Through the right doorway of awareness this power is available for everyone, not just shamans. All the practical and esoteric teachings we need can be found in nature. If we know how to use gateways we can transform ourselves into empowered human beings, not at the mercy of the world but as co-creators of our own destiny. The old wisdom keepers were aware of this fact, and to this day knowledge on survival, spirituality, mysticism, technology and science can be found in nature. We are the earth; the earth and we are one. The earth is part of the universe, and so the universe and we are one. All knowledge exists here. Shamans worldwide have kept this ancient wisdom alive, and over the last forty years have b...

Sacred Earth·Nature educator & environmentalist
Hi, I'm Phil. I am a group facilitator, a teacher, a nature guide, a change agent, an outdoor education specialist and a naturalist. More recently I've become an Earth and Culture Restoration Specialist and a Connection Coach with the 8Shields global mentoring network. I lead on education at the Sacred Earth Community Benefit Society but I'm also the land manager. I've studied Biodynamic agriculture, arboriculture and permaculture and I'm proud to say that since we took over management of our beautiful 40-acre site in 2011 we've significantly increased its biodiversity. I have spent over 20 years working directly with people in nature. I have studied, practiced and taught the core routines of nature connection, as well as advanced shamanic practices from indigenous cultures around the world. I've led many forms of nature and vision quest. I've learned from other cultures including the San Bushmen, Apache, Lakota, Haudosaunee, Coastal Salish and our own Celtic ancestors, through the Bardic traditions. I spent my young adulthood as a Royal Marine Commando, working as a wilderness guide in Canada and various conservation expeditions. By experiencing much of the world through travel, I understand what we need to do to create a healthy human culture. I am also currently a steering group member of the UK Nature Culture Network and I work with the Helpers Mentoring Society in the USA. My passion is creating connection - with ourselves, others and the natural world.

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Private road opposite Cowden Hall Lane, Horebeech Lane, Horam, East Sussex, TN21 9HJ

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Ticket: Standard £225Ticket description: The price is for a block of five sessions. Please contact us directly if you cannot attend all and but would like to come on individual dates.
Ticket: Concession £195Ticket description: Concessionary price for the full five session block
Ticket: Drop in ticket £45Ticket description: Drop in price for each session

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