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Wild Wellbeing

A monthly nature-connection community

Mentored by Sacred EarthMentor summary: Nature educator & environmentalist
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Sacred Earth
Location address: Horam, TN21 9HJ
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For ages: 18+ years

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Standard £20
Next date: Wednesday 5th Oct,

A summary

Wild Wellbeing – Sacred Earth's monthly nature-connection community ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would you like to build a closer relationship with nature and other people from the local area? Are you interested in finding new activities to improve your health and wellbeing, led by experienced facilitators from Sacred Earth? Our Wild Wellbeing sessions offer the chance to explore mindfulness and nature-connection practices, forest bathing, horticulture and creative activities out on the land. We’ll share our experiences around a campfire, tend to the land and build a supportive community that nourishes the natural world and each other throughout the seasons. The details: We’ll meet one Wednesday each month on the beautiful Sacred Earth site near Horam. You’ll get the chance to explore our beautiful 40-acre site and spend time on your own in nature. But you'll also meet other like-minded people, im...

Sacred Earth·Nature educator & environmentalist
Hi, I'm Caroline and I run Wild Wellbeing. My love affair with nature started in childhood. I was lucky to grow up in the 1970s, when it was perfectly normal for parents to shove their children out of the door and not expect them back until teatime. I lived in the countryside so I spent my time walking, riding horses and observing animals and birds. The legacy of all this is that I've always felt a strong sense of belonging to this world and a deep connection to the land. The older I get, the more I grieve for what the human race is doing to this planet - our only home. I've always been an environmental activist but it came as a shock to realise that some people don't really care. Or they know something is wrong but they can't face the reality of what is happening, so they shut it out of their minds. I realised that my true calling in life was to help people build their connection with nature. I do this for two reasons: it will help their wellbeing AND the wellbeing of the earth. People won't protect what they don't care about. So I gave up my career in communications and started changing my life. The first step was to travel around the UK, working as a volunteer on organic farms and sustainable land projects. The second step was to retrain in ecotherapy and ecopsychology. The third was to start working as a facilitator, which I've now been doing for the past four years. I run my own projects, Wild Wellbeing and Sussex Mindful Walks, but I also work as a facilitator at Sacred Earth. I've just started a post-grad diploma in ecopsychology and nature-based facilitation, so I'm keen to try some of the new theories and practices that I'm learning about! I aim to make our sessions friendly and welcoming, fun and relaxing. My co-facilitator, Jim Morgan, is a qualified forest bathing instructor, so between us we can offer a well-held and contained space. Please do contact us on if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ecotherapy? Ecotherapy is a very contested word! Some people use it as an umbrella term to describe a range of nature-based activities that improve individual health. Others see it as a much deeper form of therapy, which would involve more traditional psychotherapeutic or counselling. Is this a therapy group? No. This group is about spending time in nature to improve wellbeing, it's not about deep therapeutic work. We hope that you will learn some tools to take away with you, that will enable you to build your own wellbeing, but we're not offering therapy as such. We focus on what we call the Three Rs: relaxation, revitalisation and resilience - which nature can provide for all of us. What kind of stuff will we do? Each session varies but will usually involve some sort of activity to support the land itself. We want to help people develop a reciprocal relationship of support with the natural world, because nature already offers us so much. We wouldn't be alive without it!...

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Private road opposite Cowden Hall Lane, Horebeech Lane, Horam, East Sussex, TN21 9HJ

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Ticket: Standard £20

Pricing information


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