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Once you were a Dinosaur Snack

A Christmas treat - you contain the Universe!

Mentored by Richard RobinsonMentor summary: Director of the Brighton Science Festival
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Brighton Science
Location address: BRIGHTON, ZO00OM
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For ages: 7 - 18+ years

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Standard £6
Next date: None - message Mentor to express interest

A summary

Just before you open your presents, open up your past in this special Christmas treat. Scientists have spent years puzzling over the history of humanity. Other scientists are curious about our oddities: why we yawn, what are goosebumps and hiccups, or what's the point of sunbathing. Lo! We find the answer to one is the answer to the other. You are a box of mystery because of your secret history: because once upon a time you were a fish; then a mouse, then a monkey; and parts of you are still fish, mouse and monkey … Your story is full of adventures, a ripping yarn which science story-teller Richard Robinson will spin, along with demonstrations, videos, chat, games and tricks (you will learn how to waggle your ears!) SATURDAY AND SUNDAY,    DECEMBER 18-19     10.00 am   ON ZOOM   £6 per screen Check out the full history of the Universe, over 11 weeks, all for £13.82 starting in January, search for "Are We Nearly Here Yet?" - Full Zooming instructi...

Richard Robinson·Director of the Brighton Science Festival
I want to to help us all to understand the past, cope with the present and plan for the future. I have been doing this in different ways all my life, through educational shows in theatre, children's TV series, writing and illustrating science books, including ‘Why The Toast Always Lands Butter-side Down’ about Murphy’s Law, which has been translated into fourteen languages around the world. In 2005 I started the Brighton Science Festival, working closely with both universities down here to spread the interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects, and in STEAM, (all the above plus Art), visiting youth clubs, community centres, festivals and schools. In 2016 I was awarded an honorary doctorate in science by the University of Sussex. This show is a prelude to 'Are We Nearly Here Yet?', an eleven-part exploration of the past 14 billion years of the Universe, which begins in January. Reviews of the shows “The man is a genius! Richard Robinson is just a brilliant presenter. This session was off the scale good!” “Absolutely superb. Fantastic. Kept everyone entertained. Learned a lot.” “Needed more time; could have listened for ever!” "Brilliant. I laughed and learned! "Informative  + mindblowing, really well illustrated, but also great storytelling + a fab show. Thank you. I thought it was marvellous, intrepid, funny, very interactive. No insults toward this marvellous adventure into life. It was very informative".

Learning aims

To understand the Universe and our place in it. It's very useful to know how we're put together: it helps us understand ourselves.

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1 Brompton Close BN1 8QD, Temple Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex, ZO00OM

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Ticket: Standard £6Ticket description: The ticket price is per screen An adult is expected to be one of the attendees - they are important for asking questions and helping with answers. And they will be equally surprised by some of the revelations.

Pricing information


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