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Maths Club - Mondays (Y4)

Pick up from London Fields to club in Homerto

Mentored by

Juliana David French

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Location address: London, E9 6FU
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For ages: 5 - 12 years

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Mondays £275Mondays (Sibling) £250
Next date: Monday 12th Jun,
What we'll do
Hello and welcome to our Maths Club!* In these small groups we will explore basic math principles and instil a love of numbers. We will work on small exercises to develop thorough understanding and confidence. We will be working through the KS1 & KS2 curriculum to ensure there are no gaps and the children have a solid foundation to build on, alongside practicing writing/formation of numbers. We will also develop mental maths skills and there will be small tests every month to ensure the children are able to solve problems independently. These sessions will be full of fun and games and we will use mixed-media including Numicon, Lego, puzzles, simple games and workbooks. The children will also get to quiz each other (including me) every session to encourage mental maths. *Note: On Mondays and Thursdays - This club includes pick up from London Fields Primary School and takes place in Homerton. **Note: On Tuesdays and Wednesdays - This club takes place at London Fields Primary School. Parents/Carers must provide snacks for these sessions. Thank you.
About your mentor
Juliana David French
Parent, Math lover and Tutor
My name Juliana and I'm a mum of 3 . From a young age all my children were exposed to math in many different ways and simple examples being counting the eggs when we go food shopping, reading bus numbers and reading the numbers on the clock. It's as simple as that. I was raised in India and did all my schooling in India. I am passionate about making maths fun for younger children as this is crucial to whether they go on to like or dislike maths for the rest of their lives. My schooling in India was very different to how the schools teach in London and because of that I am able to show children how to use different techniques to do basic maths and hence solve harder problems. All my techniques are tried and tested on my children and have worked out very well. All my children, especially my oldest Aurelius loves numbers and pushes himself to do more complex calculations on a regular basis. I believe the fundamentals are necessary whichever career path our children follow. You need to be able to read, add, subtract, divide, multiply and more and most importantly to be independent. My background has been mainly in Sales and Revenue Generation and am currently Head of Sales for a Prime London property company. I also have extensive experience in budgeting, forecasting (an excel sheet lover!) and also hold A levels in Business studies, Maths, Accounting and IT and a BA in Business Management and Marketing. I sincerely hope that I can help any child or parent struggling with getting those basics right and make numbers fun and a normal part of life. Thank you.
Learning aims
Aim 1
Understanding and recognising numbers
Aim 3
Quick mental maths skills
Aim 5
Making numbers fun!
Aim 2
Build a strong foundation that will go a very long way
Aim 4
Confidence using numbers
Aim 6
To develop focus and concentration
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Ticket nameMondays
Ticket nameMondays (Sibling)
InformationSiblings can use concession rate
Where we'll be
Homerton High Street, 6 Wintergreen Court , London, London, E9 6FU
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